We Expect the Warrior Way

  • The Warrior Way

    The Warrior Way represents the core expectations at Spanaway Middle School, and these expectations are posted throughout the school and in classrooms. All classroom expectations align to these school expectations.

  • PBIS

    Spanaway Middle School is a PBIS school. Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBiS) establishes school expectations and recognizes positive student behaviors. The goal of PBiS is to increase academic achievement and decrease disciplinary actions.

    For more information about PBIS, click here to visit their website.

  • Warrior Character Traits

    Spanaway Middle School highlights two character traits per grading period, and recognizes student efforts to demonstrate these character traits at recognition assemblies.

    Progress 1 Community & Respect

    Trimester 1 Responsibility & Safety

    Progress 2 Community Service & Kindness

    Trimester 2 Perseverance & Hard Work

    Progress 3 Trust & Honesty

    Trimester 3 Self-Control & Loyalty



    Students who demonstrate the Warrior Way traits of respect, responsibility, and safety and who demonstrate the character traits of the grading period are recognized in various ways throughout the school year:

    • Recognition Assemblies

    Students who demonstrate the character traits of the grading period are recognized in a special recognition assembly. Parents are invited to the assembly, and parent letters are sent home.


    Character Trait Videos

    Spanaway Middle School staff and students create videos all year centered around the various character traits. Visit SMS’s YouTube playlist to view the videos.