Revised Code of Washington (RCW)

  • Law Enforcement

    Pierce County Sheriff’s Department officers and canines are on the Spanaway Middle School campus regularly.

  • Weapons

    It is unlawful for any student to carry onto any school premises, school-provided transportation, and areas with facilities being used exclusively by public school any firearm or weapon. Students who violate the firearm policy will be expelled from school for a minimum of one calendar year in accordance with RCW 28A.600.420. Parents must be notified of the imposition of the expulsion and their right to hearing and appeal. The principal or designee shall notify appropriate law enforcement personnel of known or suspected violations of the firearms policy (Policy 3249).

  • Inter-Agency Cooperation

    This serves as a reminder that the law in Washington State is clear: “upon receiving reports of abuse or neglect, the department or law enforcement agency may interview children.” RCW 26.44.030 (10). That interview may be conducted on school premises and other locations “outside of the presence of the parents.” RCW 26.44.030 (10). Although parents must be notified at the earliest possible point in the course of an investigation, that notification must “not jeopardize the safety or protections of the child in the investigation.” RCW 26.44.030 (1). The “law enforcement agency” means “the police department, prosecuting attorney, state patrol, director of public safety, or office of the sheriff.” RCW 26.44.020 (2).

    There have been questions by the schools regarding who is responsible to contact parents/guardians that an interview has taken place on school grounds. In every case, parents will be notified by the “law enforcement agency” as soon as possible. Parents MUST NOT be notified by schools.

    If you have questions, please contact the Pierce County Prosecutor’s office at 253.591.7400.


School Authority

  • Behaviors and actions listed on this page are subject to school authority and disciplinary action:

    • At all times on any school property.
    • On district-owned and operated or charted vehicles.
    • During any school-sponsored activity held on Bethel School District property or elsewhere.
    • Away from school grounds if negative behaviors would directly affect the good order, efficiency, management, and/or welfare of the school’s staff or students.

    Students at all school-sponsored events are governed by school district rules and regulations and are subject to the authority of school district employees whether the event occurs on or off school grounds.

    Students who have been suspended from schools are not to be in attendance at after-school or evening events.

    This rule applies to dances, field trips, athletic events, and ANY activity related to or sponsored by the Bethel School District.

     Exceptional Misconduct

    Offenses identified by an ad hoc citizens committee as sufficiently serious in nature and/or serious in terms of the disruptive effect upon the operation of the schools to warrant an immediate resort to suspension.

    Exceptional misconduct offenses are identified in this section by an asterisk (*).

    Unacceptable Behavior

    The following activities are subject to school authority and disciplinary action:

    1. Arson*
    2. Assault*
    3. Burglary*
    4. Closed Campus*
    5. Computer or Publications Abuse
    6. Criminal Abuse*
    7. Defamation
    8. Disobedience/Insubordination*
    9. Encouraging Others to Fight*
    10. Exceptional Misconduct
    11. Extortion, Blackmail, or Coercion*
    12. Explosive Devices*
    13. Failure to serve/complete detention or alternative
    14. False Alarms*
    15. Fighting*
    16. Firearms* or Ammunition
    17. Forgery/Cheating*
    18. Gang Activity*
    19. Harassment*
    20. Intimidation/Bullying*
    21. Hazing*
    22. Inappropriate Dress or Appearance
    23. Malicious Mischief (Vandalism)*
    24. Narcotics, Alcoholic Beverages, Drugs* to include Marijuana
    25. Non-attendance/Unexcused Absences
    26. Refusal to Identify Self*
    27. Repeated/Cumulative Violations
    28. Robbery*
    29. Tardiness
    30. Theft (Larceny)*
    31. Tobacco Use*
    32. E-Cigarettes and Vaporizers/Vapes*
    33. Trespass*
    34. Threats of Destruction or Harm*
    35. Vulgar or Lewd Conduct
    36. Disruptive Conduct*
    37. Weapons*

    Discipline Sanctions

    Spanaway Middle School utilizes a Progressive Discipline Matrix that is informed by PBIS. Students who violates school rules are disciplined according to the matrix. Please contact school administration for a copy of the matrix.

    Note that some offenses will result in immediate Suspension or Emergency Expulsion. A student who has been suspended or expelled is not allowed on school grounds during the suspension or expulsion period.

    Bethel School District Board Policy 3249
    Bethel School District Board Policy 3241
    Bethel School District Board Policy 3240
    Bethel School District Board Policy 3239


    School Administration

    Principal: Mrs. Shannon Leatherwood

    Assistant Principal: Mrs. Kathy Elkins

    Associate Administrator: Mrs. Carina Pierce