Classes for Adults

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    The Bethel Family Center offers these classes throughout the year. Participants attend 1 ½ hour classes in a five-week series from 6:00-7:30 pm.  A light meal is provided from 5:30-6:00pm.  Childcare is provided on a limited basis.  Classes are offered at no cost to families.  To register, contact Caitlin Melott at 253-800-6862.



    Some working American struggle with day to day finances and earn just enough to survive. Well a new grassroot program called Center for Strong Families is here to address those very issues. Bethel Family Center has financial and employment coaches here to help clients create better opportunities. Both coaches bring expertise in their fields to provide answers and support at no cost to clients. The Center for Strong Families is a two year follow up program. When a client walks in the door, here is what they should expect to learn:

    • Review credit reports and dispute credit report errors
    • Create a realistic budget
    • Short and long-term financial goal-setting
    • Job search strategies that include career exploration and portfolio creation
    • Workplace intelligence, culture, and image
    • Critical thinking cupport by short and long-term goal setting
    • Access to income supports that help you stay within a budget

    For more information please contact

    Caitlin Melott, Bethel Schools, 253.800.6862

    Levi Merchant, Sound Outreach, 253.719.3079

    Lynn Willis, Sound Outreach, 253-719-3609