FAQ: Parent Selection Process for Hybrid and Remote Learning

  • The following questions and answers are intended to help families of elementary students make an informed decision on the Elementary Learning Model Selection survey.

    Can I make a different choice (100% remote, hybrid model, or "stay with current teacher either model") for each of my elementary children? 

    Yes. We are asking families to please fill out a separate response for each of your elementary students. Please know that we will do our best to accommodate family requests, if space allows. However, some changes may be needed to balance classes and we cannot guarantee that schedules between siblings will align.

    If I choose to continue with the remote learning model now, is it possible to change to the hybrid model at a later date?

    We ask that parents minimize movement between the remote learning and hybrid model. With that said, we will work to accommodate families that wish to change models as their needs change throughout the year.

    What is the Hybrid A/B Rotation Model?

    In the A/B model, half our students will meet in person at school on Monday and Thursday (Cohort A) for instruction, with the second half of the students meeting in person on Tuesday and Friday (Cohort B.) On days when students are not attending in person, they will be engaged in teacher-directed independent learning.

    How will the A and B Groups be determined when transitioning to the hybrid model?

    Considerations for the two groups will include; consistency of teacher, transportation, balance between boys and girls, and stand-alone programs that may be a part of the student’s academic schedule.

    When will the decision on A/B groups be announced? 

    This information will be provided approximately one week prior to the start date for each grade level group.

    Will students be allowed to switch cohorts (A and B groups)? If so, what would be the criteria and appeal process? 

    We ask that families support their assigned group, as much as possible, to help balance the district’s educational services and resources designed to support students. However, we also recognize there could be extenuating circumstances that may necessitate a change. More information on the process for appeals will be provided when the A/B groups are announced. For any change requests, the district will need to consider balancing class sizes, social distancing mandates, staffing implications, etc.

    What about siblings who live in the same household but have different last names that may place them into different cohorts? 

    We will work with families to keep households together.

    How many students will be in a classroom?

    This depends on the size of the room to accommodate a six-foot separation between students in their seated positions. On average, our classrooms hold up to 12 students with these social distancing requirements.

    Will there be recess at the elementary schools?

    Yes. We are planning for social distancing and cohorting during modified recess times. All students and staff must wear a mask while on playgrounds and outside areas while near others. We will work to provide for short “mask breaks” while outside, so long as appropriate physical distancing is maintained. 

    How will students eat lunch?

    Students will eat in their classrooms at their own desks. Desks will be cleaned prior to and after lunch.

    Will elementary students have specialist time? 

    Yes. Students will participate in specialist classes. That schedule is still under development.

    Do students need to bring their iPads to and from school, if they attend in-person?

    Yes. All students, all grade levels, will need to bring their fully-charged iPads to and from school each day they attend.  

    On the hybrid model, what is expected of my child during their asynchronous or at-home learning time? 

    On days when students are not attending in person, they will be engaged in teacher assigned work that students will do independently.

    How will the hybrid model work for students receiving special services?

    Students with special education needs, students with 504 plans, and our English Learners will access in-person instruction in the hybrid model on the A/B schedule. This will allow for both core curriculum and special services to be provided during in-person classes in the school and also during teacher-directed independent learning times at home.

    How will Bethel be keeping students and staff members safe while they are in the buildings?

    Please see our Health and Safety information at bethelsd.org/backtoschool 

    Will school meals/food be offered “to go” to students who are learning at home?

    Yes!  Breakfast and lunch will be provided free of charge to all elementary students while they are attending in-person learning.  Also, students will be offered 2-day and 3-day "Brunch Bags" to take home with them for the days they are learning at home and for the weekends.  
    Students attending school on "A" days (Monday/Thursday) would be provided breakfast and lunch at school and offered a 2-day brunch bag containing meals for Tuesday and Wednesday to take home.  On Thursday, breakfast and lunch would be eaten at school, and a 3-day brunch bag containing meals for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday could be taken home.  
    Students attending school on "B" days (Tuesday/Friday) would be provided breakfast and lunch at school and offered a 2-day brunch bag containing meals for Wednesday and Thursday to take home.  On Friday, breakfast and lunch would be eaten at school, and a 3-day brunch bag containing meals for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday could be taken home.
    USDA has extended the waiver, allowing the district to provide FREE meals to all children ages 1-18 years through the end of the school year.  Updates will be posted at bethelsd.org/meals.

    Will Bethel provide bus transportation? 

    We will provide transportation to/from home for those students enrolled in the hybrid learning model living outside the walk boundary who need it. However, students are encouraged to be transported to and from school via private vehicle, when possible, to help keep passenger numbers low.

    What will health and safety be like on school buses?

    All students and staff will wear face coverings. If a student arrives at the bus without a face covering, the driver will provide a disposable mask. Windows will be open when weather permits. High touch areas will be wiped down as frequently as time allows, and all buses will be disinfected at Transportation at the end of each day. Family members will be asked to sit together if they ride the same bus, and other students will be asked to spread out as much as space on the bus allows.