November 2019 - Tia Barnes

  • Tia Barnes senior photo

    Congratulations to Tia Barnes on being named our Native American Education Program student of the month.

    Tia said the best part of Bethel's Native American Program is being able to connect with other Native Americans in the area.

    "Without the Native American program, I would not be able to share my culture with others whom are just like me. Being a part of this program has taught me leadership, hard work, and determination. I am very thankful to connect with other Native Americans and to get through problems that Native Youth face today,” she said.

    Tia is a member of the Puyallup Tribe, and she credits much of her success to the values tribal leaders have instilled in her.

    “Our tribe works hard to provide to all of our people, and without our hard work we would have nothing,” she said. "Not only has our council fought for our rights in regards to fishing and our ways of life, the majority of our tribe also works hard to provide an amazing life to our Native Youth, to ensure our success.”

    The Graham-Kapowsin High School senior hopes to attend the University of Oregon next year, where she would love to study law with a minor in Indigenous Studies. She plans on one day working in law enforcement as an FBI Special Agent.

January 2019- Raith Antonio



    Congratulations to Raith Antonio on being named this month’s Native American Education Program Student of the Month.

    Raith is a member of the Laguna Pueblo Tribe of New Mexico, and one of the things he loves about the Native American Program is getting to know members of other tribes.

    “The main thing I enjoy about the Native American Program is meeting others and learning about each other as well as making friends. Admittedly some will regard it as awkward at first, but that's the fun of it, with a little awkwardness and laughter many friends are often made,” he said.

    The SLHS sophomore is a member of his school’s JROTC program, where he performs with the color guard and the drill team.

    One of the things he’s excited about is teaching more people about about his own tribe.

    “I would like to teach others about how my tribe was actually able to survive extremely well in the harsh New Mexico desert,” he said.

February 2019: Landen Barger

  • Landon Barger


    February’s Native American Education Program student of the month is Landen Barger.
    Landen is a member of the Eastern Band Cherokee Tribe, and he loves speaking to other Native students about their culture and heritage.
    “My favorite thing about being part of the Native American program is meeting new kids and learning about their background,” he said.
    The Liberty Middle School eighth grader stays extremely busy inside and outside of the classroom. He’s a member of Liberty’s football,
    track, and basketball teams, and he’s also a mentor in the WEB program and and the Native American Youth Leadership Academy.
    Congratulations, Landen!

December 2019 - Karlee Jean Brummett-Schwerzler

     Karlee Jean Brummett-Schwerzler
    December's Native American Student of the Month is Karlee Jean Brummett-Schwerzler.
    Karlee is a member of the Cherokee Tribe and is a 5th grader at Thompson Elementary –
    where she's part of the Ambassadors Program.
    "To become an Ambassador, students are nominated by their 4th grade teachers as
    exemplifying ROAR behavior and being a good role model," said Thompson Social
    Worker Chelsea Rambo. "Karlee is often the first to volunteer for a job or to help. I
    can count on her to work with younger students and to always be an outstanding role model."
    Congratulations, Karlee!