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    Welcome to the Bethel School District Highly Capable Programs page!

    Use the index on the left margin to view program and selection/referral information as well as resources for parents, students, and teachers.  Updates to the referral and selection process will be posted on this home page throughout the year.

    Update:  Referrals and Testing for 2022-23 Placement
    Anyone (parents, teachers, community, etc.) can refer a student to be tested for potential qualification into next year's highly capable programs. Students from all grade levels K-5 can be referred. Use the form button below to submit a highly capable referral form:
    Referral Forms Due: January 31, 2022
    CogAT Testing
    CogAT testing for referred students is scheduled at each building within the following windows:
    Kindergarten:  February 7 - February 14
    1st - 5th Grade:  March 7 - March 23
    Endeavour Application
    Current 2nd grade Challenge students and newly qualified 2nd grade students will automatically be invited to apply for the Endeavour program. There is limited space available in Endeavour for next year's 4th and 5th grade. Please contact Judy Armijo at 253.800.2090 for further assistance. 

    Students who transfer to Bethel School District and have qualified in that district's highly capable program are not automatically enrolled.  Test scores and placement letters from the prior district may be used as long as they meet our criteria.  Please contact Judy Armijo at 253.800.2090 for further information.


  • The mission of the Bethel School District Highly Capable program is to provide a safe educational environment that enables students to develop the skills, knowledge, attitudes and values to realize their maximum potential.

    Brian Loffer, Director of Assessment & Highly Capable Programs
    253.800.2091 (phone) | 253.800.2099 (fax) | Email

    Judy Armijo, Secretary
    253.800.2090 (phone) | 253.800.2099 (fax) | Email