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    Welcome to the Bethel School District Highly Capable Programs page!

    Use the index on the left margin to view program and selection/referral information as well as resources for parents, students, and teachers.  Updates to the referral and selection process will be posted on this home page throughout the year.

    Highly Capable Program Notifications

    • Kindergarten: Parents for all referred Kindergarten received results in the mail in mid-March.
    • 1st Grade:  Score results were delayed by testing company due to Covid-19 closures.  Placement results are expected to be completed and mailed to parents by June 1.
    • 2nd Grade: Parents for all tested 2nd grade students received results through the mail in mid-April.
    • 3rd – 5th Grade:  Parents for all tested students received results through the mail during the first week of May.
    • 6th – 7th Grade:  Some results will be available by June 1.

    UPDATE:  COVID-19 Impact on Highly Capable Testing

    The school closure occurred during our spring testing window.  Fortunately, over 85% of our referred students were tested and should be receiving placement decisions with the notification schedule listed above.  We are committed to testing every student who was referred so they all have an opportunity to qualify for highly capable programs.  Our current plan is to test the remaining students that were referred and unable to test due to the school closure in the late summer and early fall.  More information will be shared with impacted families late summer/early fall.

    Endeavour (Full-time Elementary) Application

    Applications are currently being accepted for next year's 3rd–5th grade highly capable students for the full-time Endeavour Program.  Applications are due by May 1.  Please note, highly capable students who don't apply or are not accepted in this program will continue with their current highly capable services for the upcoming year.

    The Endeavour program is available for a limited number of highly capable students and is designed for only those students who are significantly advanced in multiple subject areas and capable of accelerated work.  The work complexity and workload for students in Endeavour is significantly increased compared to what students experience in their general education class.

    Online Endeavour Application


    Appeals are considered annually for students who did not meet the criteria for placement.  The outcomes of an appeal include: maintaining the placement decision, changing the placement decision, or allowing the student to retest in late summer/early fall.  In order to appeal the placement team decision for your child, you must submit an appeal form by the following dates:

    • Kindergarten:  March 27 
    • 1st – 8th grade:  TBD

     Appeal Form

    Use the links on the left margin to discover more about our highly capable programs, the testing and referral process, and the selection criteria.   You can also download and view this information in the Highly Capable Program Packet 2019-20. Click here for the Spanish version.
    Note:  An online application for the full-time elementary Endeavour program will be available in March for current 2nd - 4th grade elementary Challenge students and available for newly identified students in early May.
    New to Bethel School District?

    Students who transfer to Bethel School District and have qualified in that district's highly capable program are not automatically enrolled.  Test scores and placement letters from the prior district may be used as long as they meet our criteria.  Please contact Judy Armijo at 253.800.2090 for further information.


  • The mission of the Bethel School District Highly Capable program is to provide a safe educational environment that enables students to develop the skills, knowledge, attitudes and values to realize their maximum potential.

    Brian Loffer, Director of Assessment & Highly Capable Programs
    253.800.2091 (phone) | 253.800.2099 (fax) | Email

    Judy Armijo, Secretary
    253.800.2090 (phone) | 253.800.2099 (fax) | Email