• Mission Statement:

    Bethel School District’s K-12 Library Program is a collaborative effort that is fully integrated into the school’s curriculum and is central to the learning process. This ensures that the entire educational community effectively uses and produces information and ideas as well as develops a life- long desire to read for pleasure and/or knowledge. Our essential functions as Teacher - Librarians are to provide information and technology instruction, reading advocacy, and information management. By preparing students with 21st century skills, they will become productive and responsible citizens.

    Changing Role of the Librarian:

    With rapidly developing technologies and vast amounts of information available it is vital that students become critical consumers and producers of information. This includes the ability to evaluate and analyze the credibility, relevancy and currency of information. Students also need to be able to use these emerging technologies in a way that is productive and in a safe, ethical and responsible manner. As Information Managers, not only does the Teacher Librarian guide students to good literature, but also provides ongoing instruction and assistance with these information skills.