Welcome to Bethel School District's

    27th Annual Technology and Art Fair


    Due to the increase in COVID cases in Pierce County, we canceled the in-person event for Tech and Art Fair that was scheduled for Jan. 22.

    Please know this was not an easy decision to make, but the health and safety of our community must take precedence.

    We know that our staff and students have put a lot of work into preparing for this event. We will do our best to honor all of their hard work.

    As a first step in honoring some of the work of our amazing staff and students, we would like to start by sharing some of the highlights here, with more to come!


     Tech Fair Poster


    Technology and Art Fair 2022: A New Perspective

    Our Technology and Art Fair features a variety of school booths, course demonstrations, technology/community vendors, and art displays. Admission is always free. Inside you will find a festival that showcases how technology positively impacts each student. Career & Technical Education (CTE), Esports Competition, Robotics Competition, Sphero Soccer, Green Screens, 3D printers, AR, Escape Rooms and Digital Curriculum. There will be jewelry making, picture buttons, and an interactive Z-Space device that helps students learn the anatomy of the human body. The event also features an art competition that will showcase student artwork created throughout the year.

    In 2014, Bethel voters first approved a Technology Levy to give every student in the district access to a personal iPad and create technology-rich classrooms. Our Technology Levy was last renewed in 2018 and is on the ballet again this February. The 1-1 iPad program helped our district transition quickly to online learning during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more about the upcoming Levy here: https://www.bethelsd.org/levy2022



    Students Create the Logo for our Technology & Art Fair

    Each year, students are given an opportunity to help design the logo for Bethel’s Technology and Art Fair. The winning logo is featured on t-shirts and posters for the fair. We received 57 submissions from a variety of grade levels for this year’s logo contest! Congratulations to our three winners:

    Clara B. - 7th grade - Frontier Middle School

    Bentley B. - 3rd grade - Naches Trail Elementary

    Frederick N. & Jacob M. - 10th grade - Spanaway Lake High School

    Front                   Back

    Here is a video featuring all of the amazing submissions:


    Your 2022 Tech Fair T-Shirt Sponsors:

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  • Seesaw Choice Boards at Thompson Elementary

    In 2020, Bethel schools adopted Seesaw as the learning management system for pre-school, kindergarten, and 1st grade to support remote learning. Seesaw is a digital platform that allows teachers to create activities to share with students. Students can use creative tools to complete activities and capture their learning in a portfolio. Families can view their student’s work and communicate with teachers through the family app.

    Check out this video from Mrs. Harris’ first grade class at Thompson Elementary! You will see how Seesaw supports student learning and how it is used in the classroom.

  • Bethel Cross Cultural Exchanges

    A Shining Mountain Elementary classroom connected with a school in Mexico City via Zoom to share and discuss various topics related to their units of study. Check out the video!


  • Stop Motion Animation

    The STEAM program at Katherine G. Johnson Elementary worked with students to create Stop Motion Animation. STEAM integrates the subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math. Check out some of the videos from our KGJ students this year!


  • Digital Tools Inspire Student Creativity

    Honors students at Bethel Middle School were asked to come up with an original definition of what heroism is in a digital presentation. Students were able to use a variety of digital tools to create their presentations. Check out their creativity in action!

    What is a Hero?

    Video created by Mikos L. using Google, Autodesk, iMovie, and YouTube for the two background tracks.


    Video created by Lena F. using Adobe Spark and iMovie to create the slides. She also used Adobe Spark to create the voiceover and iMovie for the text.

  • Career & Technical Education Showcase


    Career & Technical Education Technology & Arts Integrations

    Our Bethel School District Career & Technical Education (CTE) Department joins our Technology & Art Fair to showcase how Technology and Art are integrated into their Career and College Readiness Programs. You can learn more about CTE here: https://www.bethelsd.org/Domain/337

    At the 2022 Technology & Art Fair, the CTE Department was planning to showcase a variety of projects to demonstrate how Technology and Art are integrated into their Career Pathways. Check out this presentation about our Career & Technical Education Technology & Arts Integration.

    Lego Robotics League

    Our Technology & Art Fair also features the CTE Robotics clubs each year. The CTE Robotics clubs are offered to Bethel students in grades 4th through 12th. Teams from across the district are able to showcase their work at the Technology & Art Fair with an in-house competition. Check out this presentation to find out more about what our Robotics clubs have accomplished this year!

    eSports Tournament

    The eSports tournament was a huge success at our 2020 Tech Fair with live streaming, announcers following the action, and a lot of fun! The 2022 Technology & Art Fair was going to host a Mario Kart 8 Deluxe eSports tournament. Students were able to compete in a qualifying event at the end of 2021. The top qualifiers from each school would have come together at the 2022 Tech Fair. Check out this presentation to see more about our eSports tournament and this year's qualifying rounds!

  • The Art in Tech & Art Fair

    At the Technology & Art Fair we strive to show how both Technology and Art positively impact our students. Art integration in learning inspires creativity, increases engagement, and boosts critical thinking.

    Check out some of the amazing artwork by Bethel students throughout the school year!