Bid Questions/District Responses

  • Bid 03-22 Music Instruments


    Questions on a few of the models you' have listed on the bid listing:

    1.  Lines 33/34 - Description list Eb clarinet, but models are Bb.  Making sure you want Bb.
    2.  Line 49 - Did you want a carrier with the drum?
    3.  Line 54 - Did you want that in a clear lacquer or silver plate finish?
    4.  Line 76 - Description says "Triangle Set" but only one triangle is listed?  Abel triangles also do
    not come with holders.  Did you want a holder?
    5.  Line 77 - YSL-350C is not a bass trombone, but a tenor trombone with an "F" attachment.  Is a
    bass trombone wanted?
    6.  Line 80 - YTR-2330 is a student trumpet, not an intermediate.  Is an intermediate trumpet
    7.  Line 84 - Variable speed drivers AND power adapter are add-ons.  Did you want neither, one, or

    1. Yes, Bb clarinet. 
    2. No carrier needed.
    3. Whichever is less expensive and might be in stock this year.
    4. Single triangle is fine, we don't need to buy sets in bulk. Yes for a holder.
    5. Yes, a bass trombone is wanted. Probably Yamaha YBL-421G or similar.
    6. Yes, an intermediate trumpet is wanted. Probably Yamaha YTR-4335GII or similar.
    7. Are both of those things usually wanted/needed for classroom use? I don't know these
    things, so whatever is typically ordered for school use.