• The operations department is responsible for keeping the district’s schools and other facilities in top condition. We take great pride in the work our maintenance and custodial teams do. They work very hard to keep the grounds and buildings looking their best.

    The operations department also includes construction and energy conservation. In February 2006, Bethel voters passed a $175 million bond to build new schools and repair existing ones.

    The construction department helps to plan and design new buildings, redesigns and modernizations throughout the district. Repairs at existing schools are ongoing. The district is committed to completing projects in an efficient, timely manner, while making sure that quality remains first class.

    Energy conservation is another priority for Bethel. We have an energy conservation manager/educator who works to build a culture of conservation around the district. We know that healthy buildings lead to healthy, happy students. We promise to do all we can to make our schools shine.


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