Student Assistance Program Contact Information

  • Staff who are involved in the Student Assistance Program are committed to:

    • Providing an array of counseling and individual and family interventions to intervene on a student’s substance use.
    • Facilitating peer support groups to address student and/or family substance abuse.
    • Coordinating and make referrals for treatment to community providers.
    • Strengthening transition back to school for students who are recovering from addiction.
    • Providing school-wide prevention activities that promote healthy messages and decrease substance abuse.
    • Conducting family outreach services to increase awareness, education, and parent involvement in early intervention.
  • How do students access SAP?

    Students can receive SAP services in three ways:

    • Self-referral
    • Teacher, parent or friend referral
    • School referral. Students who are caught in violation of the school’s alcohol and drug policies may be asked to participate in SAP.
  • To learn more about SAP and how it can help you, please contact Pam Schaeffer, our Alcohol Drug Prevention Intervention Specialist.

    Here is a copy of her current schedule:
    Graham Kapowsin High School- Monday & Tuesday
    Bethel High School - Thursday and every other Friday
    Bethel Middle School- Wednesday and every other Friday