Elementary Choir

Middle School Choir

  • In middle school, students may choose to continue their choral training by taking choir as an elective. Each middle school has a highly qualified choral director, offering choral classes at each grade level. In addition to school concerts, students may also participate in small and large group solo/ensemble contests and our District Choral Festival.

    Middle School 
    Choral Specialists:

    BMS - Nicholas Gorne
    CMS - Anne Chappell
    CMMS - Hannah Blackburn
    EPSOC - Monica Hemenway
    FMS - Carrie Huss
    LMS - Max Marcus
    SMS - Lee Kirkegaard

High School Choir

  • At the high school level highly qualified choral directors offer more advanced opportunities for students to continue their studies of choral music. Our high schools offer Women’s Choir, Men’s Choir, Concert Choir, and Vocal Ensemble. Students may also perform at the spring solo/ensemble contest, the annual choir contest, and our District Choral Festival. Each high school also has a select choral ensemble. These groups perform local concerts, sing at banquets and conventions, and tour extensively.

    High School Choral Specialists:

    BHS - Megan McCormick
    GKHS - Jason Saunders and Carrie Huss
    SLHS - Sara Forte