• The facilities department works within the operations department to promote the safety, security and health of every student and staff member in the district. The department consists of maintenance, grounds and custodial services.

    Our mission is to sustain new and existing facilities through comprehensive maintenance, project management and custodial services. Our goal is for all our customers—Bethel staff students and community members—to teach, learn, perform and play in a safe, secure and healthy environment.

Grounds Maintenance

  • Grounds maintenance is responsible for the safety of the grounds around each school including parking lots. The mission of this team is to ensure district grounds our well kept. They do this through mowing, landscaping, controlling weeds, and using herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers to maximize the potential of our grounds.

    The grounds maintenance team consists of nine personnel who ensure that the building upkeep starts at the front door and works outward to the street. They are responsible for mowing more than 500 acres and cleaning more than two million square feet of parking lot and sidewalks. The grounds team is also responsible for the athletic field upkeep covering more than 300 separate events during the spring athletic season.



  • The district’s maintenance department is responsible for all existing mechanical and structural repairs including minor construction. The maintenance team strives to ensure that each district facility operates efficiently and provides a building environment for academic achievement. The maintenance team manages the following areas: repair/replacement of HVAC, plumbing, electrical, kitchen appliance, roof repair, septic system, door hardware and other locks, alarm systems and carpentry for district facilities.


  • Asbestos Notification
    The Bethel School District has an asbestos management plan for each school building, which outlines procedures for controlling building materials that contain asbestos.

    Lead in Drinking Water Sample Results
    The Bethel School District performs water testing for each school building and has a program for reducing lead exposure from drinking water as necessary.

    Annual Notification of Pesticide Applications
    To help keep our parents and community informed of any application of pesticides to our grounds, the Bethel School District will provide a safe, healthy and attractive environment for the students, staff and community by implementing an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program. IPM practices will be used to prevent and reduce pest problems with a “common sense” approach. When any pest (insect, rodent or weed) reaches an unacceptable level and impacts the school environment I school classrooms, school kitchens or playgrounds we will utilize all pest management options starting with those that have the least impact, and if necessary, up to and including the use of chemicals. To keep our parents, staff and community informed of the application of any pesticides to our schools or grounds by certified district personnel or by outside contractors and according to RCW 17.21.410 and RCW.17.21.415 and School Board Policy 6895 the Grounds Maintenance Department will provide the following information:

    Schools will have a notification posting placard in place at least 48 hours before a pesticide application is applied.  There will be a sign posted “48 Hour Notice: Pesticide Application” in the school or building office with details containing:

    • Name of pesticide
    • Date and time of scheduled application
    • Specific Location of where pesticide is to be applied
    • Name of pest to be controlled
    • Name and number of contact person for more information
    • Posting Placards will be on Bright Orange background for easy identification

    There will also be Post application signs posted in the physical areas of application for a minimum 24 hours.

    If you would like to be pre-notified of a pesticide application to a specific site or location or in general, please provide a written response with name and contact information to Dave Wells, Director of Facilities.  You will be contacted at least 48 hours before the intended application unless the following actions occur:

    • The prenotification will not occur if the school facility application is made when the school is not occupied by students for at least two consecutive days after the application.
    • The prenotification will not occur if any emergency school facility application for control of any pest that poses an immediate human health or safety threat, such as an application to control stinging insects. When an emergency school facility application is made, notification consistent with the school’s notification system shall occur as soon as possible after the application.

    All application records and the annual summary are available from the Maintenance Department.

    This notification will be sent home with students at the start of the school year newly enrolled students will be given this information as well as newly hired employees. This information can be found on the district’s website. Schools are encouraged to discuss IPM practices and annual notifications at orientations, on websites and at PTA activities as a proactive way to provide this information to parents and employees.

    Bethel School District applies these actions in order to keep the facilities in the best possible condition for classroom education, child nutrition, athletic and recreational activities and to promote great pride in our facilities.

    If you have any questions regarding our policies or methods please feel free to call Dave Wells, Director of Facilities at 253.800.4411.