Kindergarten Transportation

  • For the safety of district kindergarten students, it is our practice to have a parent and/or guardian meet the kindergarten student when the bus driver picks them up and drops them off at their stop. If a parent and/or guardian is not present, the child will be returned to their school or taken to the designated undeliverable site. If this occurs, please call our office 253.800.5900 and we will assist in reuniting you with your child.

    The safety of your child is the ultimate goal of Bethel School District’s Transportation team. We will work collaboratively with you to ensure this new adventure is a positive experience for your child.

    Kindergarten buses will most likely run late for the first two weeks of school. Please remain patient and contact us if you have concerns.  Take time to teach your child the bus rules and regulations. Let them know that they need to listen to the bus driver and follow their directions to assist in keeping them safe.  Enclosed in your kindergarten packet you will find the rules and regulations for bus riders.

    If you need to contact the Transportation Department, please call 253.800.5900. We experience a high volume of telephone calls throughout the year, but extremely high volume during the first month of school. Please remain patient and leave a message if necessary. We will get back to you as quickly as possible.

    Kindergarten Transportation Authorization for Drop