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    The Bethel School District Native American Education Program is mandated by Title VI, of the Elementary and Secondry Education Act. The intent of this law is to provide financial assistance to school districts for the development and implementation for programs specifically designed to meet the culturally related academic needs of Native American/Alaskan Native students. 


    Your child may be entitled to participate in the Bethel School District Native American Education Program. For each child who is registered on a 506 Eligibility Certification Form, the district receives Federal Title VI funds to pay for academic assistance for Native American children. In order to be counted as part of this program, a 506 form must be filled out by a parent/guardian of the Native American child. When filling out the form, all parts must be completed. It is not required that a student be enrolled in a tribe if the parents or grandparents are registered. 

    This 506 Form needs to be filled out only one time as long as your child attends Bethel schools. We will keep all informtion confidential. Forms are available here on the website or by calling Rachael Barger at 253-800-2394 or Heather Wippert at 253-800-2393. 

    Title VI ED 506 Indian Student Elgibility Certification Form


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NAEP Staff

  • Rachael Barger
    South End Support P-12

    Rachael has been a part of the Bethel School District community since 1984 when she began her educational track at Roy Elementary, then Bethel Jr. High, and Bethel High School.  She was also part of the Native American Program as a student while growing up in Bethel.  She has been a teacher in Bethel since 2002 at the secondary level. 

    Schools serviced: Bethel HS, Challenger HS, Bethel Acceleration Academy, Cougar Mt. MS, Bethel MS, EPSOC, Liberty MS, Roy Elem, Centennial Elem, Rocky Ridge Elem, Shining Mt. Elem, North Star Elem, Kapowsin Elem, and Frederickson Elem.

    Heather Wippert
    Secondary Schools 

    Heather is in her 1st year with Bethel School District. She is an enrolled tribal member of the Blackfeet Nation in Browning, Montana. She graduated with her teaching credentials in 2007 from the University of Montana-Western. During her career she has spent many years working with our Native youth at Muckleshoot Tribal School as well as Two Eagle River School. She is eager to work with our families and provide support for our Native students and community.

    Schools serviced: Spanaway Lake HS, Graham-Kapowsin HS, Bethel Virtual Academy, Spanaway MS, Cedarcrest MS, Frontier MS, Spanaway Elem, Thompson Elem, Evergreen Elem, Naches Trail Elem, Camas Prairie Elem, Clover Creek Elem, Nelson Elem, Pioneer Valley Elem, and Graham Elem.

    Sean McKenzie
    Director of Support Services 




Western WA Native American Education Consortium (WWNAEC)

  • western washington Native american education consortium


    The Bethel School District Native American TOSA's are members of the Western Washington Native American Consortium.  The Western WA Native American Education Consortium (WWNAEC) is made up of a group of public school educators in Western Washington who work with Native American students. Each of our individual programs are funded through the federal Office of Indian Education Title VI program. The WWNAEC meets every other month during the school year at various sites within our region.  Each meeting focuses on ways to enhance the educational process for our Native Students.