• Washington has a new state assessment for English Language Proficiency. The ELPA is a computerized assessment. The test window is February 2nd –March 11th. ELPA results should arrive in the district the end of May/beginning of June. For more ELPA information visit ELPA21 or OSPI ELPA21.


    ELPA - English Language Proficiency Assessment

    The ELPA assesses reading, writing, speaking and listening. There are five levels of English language proficiency measured by the WELPA. Here are general descriptors of the five proficiency levels:

    Assessment Chart


    The ELPA determines the effectiveness of instruction as measured by Annual Measurable Achievement Objectives (AMAO):

    AMAO 1:  % of students showing growth in language acquisition

    AMAO 2:  % of students transitioning out of the ELL program

    AMAO 3:  % of students meeting standard on the Smarter Balanced Assessment