Student Resources

  • National Geographic Kids
    Information as well as fun and games for kids about animals, science, geography and much more.

    Cool Math
    “An amusement park of math and more…” Explains math concepts in a fun way and has many games which reinforce math concepts.

    America’s Library
    Library of Congress resources for kids, including great information, activities, and games.

    MENSA for Kids
    Children’s branch of the Mensa organization website with activities and links to other information.



    The Children’s Literature web page
    This page provides Internet Resources related to books for children and young adults.
    Children’s Literature Web Guide, link above.

    Hoagies Reading List
    Comprehensive list of recommended reading for exceptionally able children of all ages.

    Science News for Kids
    Science News for Kids helps kids stay up-to-date on scientific trends. Written in an accessible way, the articles can help kids understand topics like the decline of the honeybee population and how police use forensics to solve crimes. The site is most appropriate for middle school and above, as many of the topics are too complex for younger children. But it’s also a great way for parents to learn what’s happening so they can help explain it to curious children.


    Interactive Spelling Bee
    Fancy yourself an ace speller! Well test yourself with this interactive site for primary school students.


    Inside Art
    This is a great interactive role playing website that teaches style and technique through the art of Van Gogh. It is a role playing game in which the student is trapped inside one of Van Gogh’s paintings and must work their way out.

    The Artist’s Toolkit
    This is a very comprehensive site in teaching the elements and principles of visual art. There are videos of artists at work and explaining what they are doing, at the following link:


    Reeko’s Mad Scientist Lab
    Fun, educational science experiments in astronomy, chemistry, physics, and earth science.

    NASA Kids Club
    NASA information, space related activities and games, and free membership to the NASA kids club.

    How Stuff Works
    How Stuff Works covers all sorts of interesting topics, but the science section includes space, earth science, life science and even paranormal science.


    Math Resources
    A site of links to mathematics resources for children.

    Figure This
    Includes math challenges for families.

    Math Cats
    Math Cats provides playful explorations of important math concepts through games, crafts and interactive projects. Includes a magic chalkboard and an art gallery