Stories of the Week

      • Stories of the Week (05-31-23)


        Summer Lunch Program

        Summer is just around the corner and we are excited to announce that our Summer Lunch Program will kick off on June 26th! Lunches will be provided at the following schools from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., Monday through Friday, June 26 through August 4, 2023 (except July 4th):

        • Katherine G. Johnson Elementary

        • Shining Mountain Elementary

        • Spanaway Lake High School


        Podcast Episode 43: Vaping in schools

        Last week, Pierce County Deputy Carly Cappetto joined us for our special "One Pill Can Kill" episode. This week we wanted to share our full interview with Carly. Conor and Doug talk to her about her time working as a Family Resource Coordinator for Team Bethel, and what families need to know about drugs, vaping and more. Please listen and share at


        Student Calendar 2023/24

        The first day for students is scheduled for August 30, 2023. The last day of school is scheduled for June 14, 2024. The full calendar is available at


        Bell Schedule 2023/24

        Every three years our elementary schools alternate start times. We’ve also had to adjust some times at other schools to work with the number of bus drivers and routes we have. You can find the 2023/24 Bell Schedule here:


        ParentVUE Annual Update

        Please take a few minutes to complete your Student/Family Update in ParentVUE now. Given the nationwide driver shortage, it’s vitally important that we have an accurate picture of who will need busing this fall. Because this information is so crucial, you will no longer be able to access ParentVUE to view your student’s real-time grades, communicate with staff members, or submit absences until you have completed your Student/Family Update. Please click here to fill out your Annual Update now:




      School Board Recap

      • School Board Meeting Recap 05-23-23


        Curriculum Adoption: High School Social Emotional Learning

        In 2019, a committee was formed to review high school social emotional learning curriculum resources. Bethel School District had a social emotional learning curriculum for grades K-8 but not for 9-12. The committee reviewed resources and two curricula were piloted during the 2022-23 school year. The committee recommended and the Board approved that Character Strong be selected as the high school social emotional Learning curriculum.


        Policy Updates

        The following policies were accepted for third reading and adoption.

        • 1110: Qualifications, Election, And Oath Of Office Of Board Members

          • Updated language to correct timelines within the policy.

        • 5001: Hiring Of Retired School Employees

          • Revised error in terminology.


        The following policies were accepted for first reading and further study.

        • 1400: Conduct Of School Board Meetings

          • Added language regarding possession of weapons as stated in RCW.9.41.280.

        • 3110 & Procedure: Qualification Of Attendance And Placement

          • Added language regarding exemptions.

          • Added a new procedure (3110.1P: Early Kindergarten Admission) to support exemptions.

          • Renumbered current procedure to 3110.2P: Atypical Students

        • 3224 & Procedure: Student Dress

          • Updated language to align WSSDA model language and RCW 28A.320.125.

          • Removed redundant language from the procedure.

        • 3432 & Procedure: Emergency Management Plan

          • Updated language to align WSSDA model language and HB 1941.

          • Removed redundant language from the procedure.

        • 4210: Dangerous Weapons On School District Property

          • Added language to include dangerous weapons definitions and possession of as stated in RCW 9.41.250, personal protection spray, reporting, student violation consequences.

        • 6112: Rental Or Lease Of District Property

          • Added language regarding possession of weapons as stated in RCW.9.41.280.

        • 6700 & Procedure: Nutrition And Physical Fitness

          • Updated/added language to align with SHB 1878 and WSSDA, including the requirement to participate in Community Eligibility Provision (CEP).


        Administrative Appointment: Principal of Katherine G. Johnson Elementary

        The administration recommended and the Board approved Katie Schlesinger as Principal of Katherine G. Johnson Elementary.


        Administrative Appointment: Director of Community Connections

        The administration recommended and the Board approved Darius Alexander as Director of Community Connections.


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