About Us

  • The mission of Bethel Middle School, as a diverse population of learners, together with the people of the Bethel School District, is to develop motivated students who are academically and socially successful and Career and College Ready.

    We will achieve this by providing relevant, engaging instruction that incorporates higher level thinking skills and collaboration in a safe, supportive environment which builds high self-esteem through ongoing positive recognition.
    Bulldogs are:

    Courageous and
    Work Hard

    We are committed to:
    * Providing a safe and comfortable learning environment
    * Encouraging cooperative relationships within the class, the school and the community
    * Developing skills and attitudes to enable our students to be successful and adjust in a changing world

    Raising expectations and standards
    BMS staff members have high expectations for all students. Teachers work closely to coordinate curriculum and assessments throughout subject areas.

    BMS maintains a focus on reading, writing and math in all curriculum areas. Our staff works closely together to bring consistency to student learning.

    Parent and community involvement in learning
    Bethel Middle School has a Parent Advisory Committee that meets throughout the year. Parent representatives from each grade level and administration discuss data and initiatives in the building.

    Community connections
    The community is always welcome at Bethel Middle School. Girl Scout Troops, Bethel Recreation, dance schools, and other community groups use the building throughout the year.

    Top-notch staff
    Bethel Middle School has 40 classroom teachers. They average 15.8 years of teaching experience and 73.3 percent have a master’s degree. They are joined by a wonderful support staff who have students’ best interest in mind in all that they do.

Directions to Bethel Middle School

  • Mission Statement
    Bethel Middle School works together with students, parents and the community to provide a quality education for our diverse student body. We focus on helping the young people of our community gain a foundation of skills while developing personal qualities.