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    Moving from Semesters to Trimesters

    • For the graduating class of 2019 and beyond, Washington state graduation requirements have increased from 22.5 credits to 24. Under Bethel’s current Six-Period Semester system, students may ONLY earn 24 credits. In response, Bethel School District high schools will be moving to a Five-Period Trimester schedule to allow students the opportunity to earn more credits aligned to their post-secondary plan.

      In response to the increased credit requirements, during the 2017-2018 school year, a task force consisting of teachers, principals, and district administrators was established to review high school schedules. The task force met throughout the year to learn about and research high school schedule options. They reviewed:

      • Six-Period schedules
      • Seven-Period schedules and Seven-Period rotation schedules
      • Four-Period days and Four-Period A/B schedules
      • Five-Period trimesters

      After studying several schedule options and what was best for students, the task force recommended a move to a five-period trimester schedule.

      The Five-Period day schedule was selected because it benefits students in the following ways:

      • More credit earning and exploratory opportunities for students
      • Built-in interventions and/or academic supports
      • Support for ALL students to graduate on time with options
      • Fewer courses to keep track of at one time (5 versus 6) allowing for more focused learning

      On a Five-Period Trimester Schedule:

      • Students will have five classes a day, each class being approximately 70 minutes long.
      • Students will have three 12-week trimesters during the school year instead of two 18-week semesters.
      • A 12-week course will result in a student earning .5 credit per class.
      • A student will be able to earn 2.5 credits each trimester, 7.5 credits per year, and 30 credits over four years.

      Teacher teams are currently meeting to realign course standards to the Five-Period trimester schedule.

      Students will see changes when they register for classes for the 2019-20 school year.

      Talk with your building principal if you have questions. Or you may submit a question at http://tinyurl.com/ybpobl4r