Teaching and Learning
  • Student learning is at the center of all we do in the Bethel School District.

    The curriculum department plays a key role to make sure students and teachers have the resources they need to maximize their potential. The department includes curriculum, assessment, professional development, career-technical education, and highly capable.

    We help select textbooks for schools, align curriculum with state standards, build professional learning programs for teachers, write and deliver districtwide/state assessments, and address parent questions and concerns about curricular materials.

    Our schools offer a wide range of learning opportunities for students. And our teachers take great pride in building their skill and knowledge to be the best they can be.

    By working together, we look forward to delivering a world-class education to all of our students.

  • Contact Us

    Jerri McKeown
    Administrative Assistant to Executive Directors of Elementary & Secondary Education

    Kelley Boynton
    Executive Director of Elementary Schools

    Chad Honig
    Executive Director of Secondary Schools

    Loren Willson
    Director, Secondary Teaching & Learning

    Kellie Fremont
    Assistant Director, Secondary Teaching & Learning

    Andrea Landes
    Director, Elementary Teaching & Learning


    McKenzie Walsh
    Assistant Director, Elementary Teaching & Learning
    Debbie Wood
    Secretary of Elementary Teaching & Learning
    Tricia Gillespie
    Secretary of Secondary Teaching & Learning