• Our Vision

    To insure that all students are career and college ready.

    Our Mission

    Challenger High School provides a safe and equitable community for educating and inspiring students in preparation for their futures. We provide academic, social and emotional supports for the whole student to foster responsible local and global citizenship. Smaller class sizes allow individualized and innovative teaching methods to meet the needs of each student.

    At Challenger High School We Believe:

    • In maintaining vibrant and relevant classrooms

    • Attendance and effort are critical to learning

    • In celebrating diversity and unity in our community

    • All students will be provided a safe and secure learning environment

    • Communication among students, staff, families and administration is vital

    Principal: Jeffrey Johnson 
    Phone: 253.683.6889

    Secretary: Frances Love

    Email: flove@bethelsd.org
    Phone: 253.683.6800
    Fax: 253.683.6898

    Registrar: Kelly Jones 

    Email: krjones@bethelsd.org
    Phone: 253.683.6884 Fax: 253.683.6898

    BSD Becca Clerk: Jill Palmer
    Phone: 253.683.6850

    Attendance Clerk: Stephanie Davis 
    Phone: 253.683.6892

    School Social Worker: Patti Bunnell
    Phone: 253.683.6854

    School Psychologist: Geraldine Snyder
    Phone: 253.683.6852

    School Nurse: Joanne Lynch 
    Phone: 253.683.6868

    Health Clerk: Lori Weik and Stephanie Davis 
    Phone: 253.683.6893

    Academic Counselor: Alison VonStein
    Phone: 253.683.6808

    Graduation Coordinator: Kelly Jones 
    Phone: 253.683.6808

    Career Clerk: Jessie Blocker
    Phone: 253.683.6810

    Lori Weik
    Phone: 253.683.6893