Graham Kapwosin High School


    The mission of Graham-Kapowsin High School is to provide a superior learning environment in which all students have access to quality instruction and rigorous coursework.Extensive co-curricular activities and support systems will both enhance personal academic success, and prepare all students to become lifelong learners and productive, responsible, global citizens.


    • In accordance with the ideals set forth in our mission statement, at GK we believe that education is both a right and a privilege bestowed upon every citizen of our nation. It is with this concept in mind that we have established the following goals that provide, encourage, and promote a quality educational opportunity.
    • Provide rigorous comprehensive and varied programs in vocational and general education with an emphasis on technology, occupational awareness, and high expectations for all students.
    • Offer a multitude of college preparatory courses which enhance intellectual development leading to success in post-secondary education.
    • Assist students in developing personal qualities, such as work ethic, goal setting, responsibility,accountability, and self-discipline in school and adult life.
    • Support all students in their participation in at least one co-curricular or extra-curricular activity.
    • Provide an atmosphere where every student is well known by at least one adult in the building. 

    22100 108th Avenue E., Graham, WA 98338

    Phone: 253.800.6100 / Fax: 253.800.6198


    Principal: Matt Yarkosky
    Assistant Principal:
    Jake Dorn

    Assistant Principal: Alyse Fritz
    Assistant Principal: Michele Gilbert

    Associate Administrator/Athletics: Thom Duncanson




    Secretary: Karen Tout
    Registrar: Robyn Barlow & Cindy Hecht
    Attendance: Melissa Landron & Courtney McDonald
    Main Office Clerk: Brooke McDonald
    Health Clerk:Cathy Haley
    ASB Clerk:  Teresa George



    GK Office:  253-800-6100

    GK Attendance: 253-800-6192

    GK Health Room: 253-800-6193

    GK Child Nutrition: 253-800-6194

    GK Counseling:  253-800-6176

    GK Registrar:  253-800-6184 

    GK Library: 253-800-6195

    GK ASB:  253-800-6182

    GK Athletics:  253-800-6173

    GK Administration:  253-800-6191

    Bethel District Office:  253-800-2000