• Asset Preservation Program

    Director of Facilities Dave Wells updated the School Board in March about the District’s Asset Preservation Program for schools built new or new-in-lieu after January 1, 1994, when state construction assistance dollars have been utilized. This program is part of the district’s policy to ensure predictive and preventative repairs and maintenance of schools and to maintain safe and healthy school facilities. Read the report at https://go.boarddocs.com/wa/bethel/Board.nsf/goto?open&id=BZ6ML55B7E2A

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  • Maintenance & Construction Update – Fall 2020

    School Roof marked with flags for improvement project

    Our maintenance and construction crews have been hard at work this year keeping our schools and office buildings safe, beautiful, and ready for students when in-person learning resumes.

    By now you’ve probably seen the progress we’re making on the new Katherine G. Johnson Elementary, but it was also a busy year for non-bond projects.

    Crews have completed numerous upgrades at many of our schools and buildings, including roof replacements at both Cougar Mountain Middle School and our district headquarters. The play shed at Centennial Elementary also got a new roof, and roof repairs were done at Bethel High School and Elk Plain School of Choice.

    Bethel High also received some much-needed seismic upgrades when crews installed diagonal bracing in the cafeteria and main gym to connect masonry walls with the wood frame. Pioneer Valley Elementary and Cedarcrest Middle also got some non-structural seismic upgrades.

    Shining Mountain Elementary, Liberty Middle and Bethel Middle all got new portable classrooms this year, while Camas Prairie and Nelson Elementary got repairs done on their portables.

    New fencing and gates were installed at North Star, Naches Trail and Kapowsin Elementary school, as well as Spanaway Lake High School.

    Our crews painted classrooms inside Graham and Camas Prairie elementaries, and in common areas at Bethel Middle. They also made pavement improvements at Bethel and Frontier Middle schools, and on the tennis courts at Spanaway Lake High.

    The front offices at Camas Prairie, Centennial, and Spanaway Middle were also remodeled, and Frontier Middle got new floor coverings.

    Crews also replaced three heat pumps and installed a new chiller at Bethel High School.

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  • Summer Projects 

    Even in the midst of a global pandemic, our maintenance and construction crews stayed busy this summer with a host of projects around the district. 
    In addition to bond-funded projects, such as renovating the sports fields at Graham-Kapowsin and Spanaway Lake high schools, our crews have completed numerous upgrades at many of our schools and buildings.
    Exterior painting and repairs were completed at Liberty Middle and Centennial Elementary, while interior painting was done at Bethel Middle, Camas Prairie and Graham elementary schools.
    Roofing projects were completed at Bethel High and Elk Plain School of Choice, and Cougar Mountain Middle and Bethel High both got new HVAC systems. 
    New floors were installed at Frontier Middle, and office areas were remodeled at Centennial, Camas Prairie, and Spanaway Middle. 
    New portable classrooms were installed at Liberty and Bethel middle schools, as well as Shining Mountain Elementary. 
    Our teams also worked on site circulation improvements at Naches Trail, Bethel Middle, and Frontier Middle.
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  • New Boilers at North Star
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  • 2020 Construction Projects

    Seismic upgrades, new portables, roof repairs and more

    spiderman hanging from the ceiling

    You don’t have to have super powers to be on our construction team, but it doesn’t hurt!

    There is a lot going on behind the scenes to keep our district running smoothly. The following construction projects are on the agenda for this school year. These projects are funded from the district’s construction budget, not by the 2019 bond.

    Seismic upgrades

    This is our second year of seismic upgrades. This year, Bethel High School will get diagonal bracing in the cafeteria and main gym to connect masonry walls with the wood framing. Pioneer Valley Elementary and Cedarcrest Middle will each get non-structural work, including the bracing of sprinkler pipes and some interior walls.

    For more updates on our construction projects, click here. 

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  • School security remains top priority


    Safety and security has always been a focus for our district. As one of the first districts in the state to implement locked door camera entry to our schools, we are always looking for ways to improve and innovate when it comes to keeping students and staff safe.

    This fall we will begin replacing our current security camera system with a brand new software from ExacqVision. A number of schools have been piloting the new software, and staff are now preparing for the district-wide rollout.

    Read more here

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  • Innovative transportation software will save district time, money

    school bus


    When you think about technological innovation, names like Microsoft, Apple and Amazon probably come to mind. You most likely don’t put your local school district in that category, but Bethel’s Technology Department is trying to change that.

    The department’s programmers recently unveiled a one-of-a-kind computer program that has the potential to revolutionize the way our district’s Transportation Department operates.

    A little background first: Bethel’s Transportation Department is responsible for getting more than 10,000 students to and from school every day. It’s a big, diverse department that needs to run efficiently in order to get kids where they need to be on time.

    Learn more about transportation here

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  • LED lights illuminate savings in Bethel

    Converting schools to LED lighting will save energy and money

    LED lights

    “Parking lot lighting is a monster at Spanaway Lake.”

    That’s according to Energy Manager Michael Rushton, and it’s one reason SLHS has made the list of schools that will receive LED upgrades this school year.

    Spanaway Lake is an anomaly in the district, with more than 60 light poles in the parking lot alone. Rushton said the district will begin replacing the 250 watt bulbs with 100 watt LEDs. 

    Learn more about LED upgrades here

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  • Green Strides Tour

    green strides

    Representatives from the U.S. Department of Education recently toured our district to celebrate some of the great things we are doing when it comes to environmental sustainability, student health, and education. It was noted that all 27 Bethel Schools have been Energy Star certified.

    The group's first stop was our Central Kitchen, which prepares 2,520,000 nutritious meals each year. They followed that with a visit to our Transportation facility to see our 42 propane buses. These are not only more environmentally friendly, but they are also quieter, making for a safer drive.

    Finally, the group visited Spanaway Elementary to see the greenhouse, examples of the district's 34 rain gardens, and the first of our schools to be completely converted to LED bulbs, which provides an annual savings of 30,913 kWh.

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  • Keeping things running smoothly

    Maintenance project list for the 2019/20 school year

    Our Construction Department has released their list of maintenance projects for this school year, and as always, it’s an impressive one that covers many areas of the district.

    Note: None of these projects are funded by our recently-approved bond. That money is reserved for the projects put before voters on the February ballot. You can find monthly bond project updates at bethelsd.org/bond

    With fencing projects that are already in the permitting stages at North Star, Naches Trail, and Kapowsin elementary schools it’s going to be a busy year!

    Some of the big projects are:

    • Front office remodels at Camas Prairie and Centennial elementary schools
    • New floor coverings at Bethel and Frontier middle schools
    • Tennis court resurfacing at Spanaway Lake High School

    Portable Repairs

    With 221 portable classrooms in the district, you’d think there would be no shortage of repairs that are needed. But our Director of Construction and Planning, Cathie Carlson, said knowing how critical portables are to our growing district, they’ve stayed on top of the necessary repairs and upgrades. “We’re actually catching up because we’ve been doing so many for the last three or four years,” she said while presenting the project list at a recent School Board meeting.

    Thanks to that diligent work, this year only three portables will see repairs: two at Camas Prairie Elementary, and one at Nelson Elementary.

    Roof repairs

    • Bethel High School
    • Centennial play shed
    • Cougar Mountain Middle School
    • Educational Service Center Building #1
    • Elk Plain


    • Exterior — Centennial Elementary
    • Interior — Camas Prairie Elementary classrooms
    • Interior — Graham Elementary classrooms

    You can find the recently completed list of 2018/19 Maintenance Projects by clicking here.

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  • Summer maintenance wrap-up

    summer wrap up   

    This was a busy summer for our Construction Department, as they took on and completed a wide variety of maintenance projects to keep our students and staff safe.

    The following projects were all general maintenance projects. No money from the 2019 Bond was used to complete them.

    Painting Projects

    Exterior painting and repairs were completed at Frontier Middle, Pioneer Valley and Roy elementary schools. Interior painting was done at Camas Prairie and Graham elementary schools.

    Roof Replacements

    Roof replacements were completed at Centennial, Naches Trail, and all buildings at Roy Elementary. Portable roof repairs were also completed at Cedarcrest Middle, Bethel High, and Roy Elementary.

    Seismic Improvements

    This was the end of the first year of our Hazard Mitigation Projects. Focused on seismic improvements, these projects saw the anchoring of the roof to the walls in Bethel Middle’s auxiliary gym, the anchoring of the roof to the walls at Elk Plain K-8, and the anchoring of the masonry walls to the framing at the Operations Service Center.

    14 New Portable Classrooms Added

    • Bethel High School — two double dry portables
    • Elk Plain — one double dry for SPED program
    • Graham Elementary — one double dry portable
    • Spanaway Lake High School — three double dry portables

    Read more here.

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  • Summer Projects 2019

    A crane lifts wood to the roof of Naches Trail Elementary


    This is shaping up to be another busy summer for our Maintenance Department. From major roof repairs to classroom painting projects, our buildings are sure to be busy with activity while students are enjoying the summer sunshine. Here's a list of some of the major projects that will be undertaken this summer.

    • New boilers at Cougar Mountain Middle and North Star Elementary
    • New portables at Spanaway Lake High School (3 double portables), Bethel High School (2 double portables), Graham Elementary (1 double portable) and Elk Plain School of Choice (1 double portable)
    • Portable repairs at Bethel High (9 portables), Cedarcrest Middle 6 portables), and Roy Elementary (3 portables)
    • Exterior painting and repairs at Frontier Middle, Pioneer Valley Elementary and Roy Elementary
    • Interior painting at Camas Prairie and Graham elementaries
    • Emergency Generator at Educational Service Center Building #2
    • Dry sprinkler replacement system at Frontier Middle
    • Roof replacements at Centennial, Naches Trail and Roy elementaries
    • Resurfacing of tennis courts at Graham-Kapowsin High School
    • Parking lot improvements at Bethel Middle and Roy Elementary

    We will also begin the first year of our Hazard Mitigation Projects, which include seismic upgrades at Bethel Middle School (anchor roof to walls in the auxiliary gym), Elk Plain (anchor roof to walls), and the Operations Service Center (anchor masonry walls to framing).

    All of these projects are separate from the 2019 Bond that will construct three brand new schools and renovate and expand other schools in the district. You can find updates on the bond-funded projects at: bethelsd.org/bondprojects

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  • Asset Preservation 



    To help protect taxpayer investments in our school buildings, all schools built new or new-in-lieu since 1994 are required to be inspected as part of the Asset Preservation Program. This program reviews:

    • Foundations/Building Drainage
    • Exterior Walls
    • Interior Construction
    • Plumbing
    • HVAC
    • Electrical
    • Fire Protection
    • Safety/Security

    Read more here.


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