About Us

  • Our Vision

    Every Student Sixth Grade Ready

    At THE Mountain we believe that we have the ability to ensure that ALL kids can be academically and socially ready for sixth grade. We put systems in place to ensure kids are making the appropriate growth throughout the six years we have students k-5. All of our staff, resources and professional development are driven by this goal.

    21615 38th Avenue East
    Spanaway, WA 98387
    Phone: 253.800.5200
    Fax: 253.800.5298



    Principal: Chisa Marshall

    Assistant Principal: Melinda Mcconnaughey

    Associate Admin: Ashley Ferguson



    School Secretary: Staci Stonebraker

    Registrar: Dianne Baker

    Office clerk: Kendra Fochtman

    Health/Attendance: Kelly Sumerall

                                       April Barone

    Social Worker: Clinton Dearborn

Directions to Shining Mountain Elementary

  • Our Beliefs

    Every student will be proficient in reading, writing and math.  The academic accomplishment of every student is an obsession.  The school can neutralize many challenges that kids bring to the classroom.  Student achievement is the #1 topic of conversations.  A maverick spirit is leading the way.  There is no excuse for poor effort.