• About Us 

    Bethel Elementary Learning Academy (BELA) has been in operation for more than a decade bringing online learning to the homes of their students year after year. BELA is a tuition free option for families in the Bethel School District. 

    A BELA certificated teacher works closely with the learning coach (parent/guardian) to build and facilitate a learning plan for each student. Daily lesson plans take place at home and at the time and pace right for your child. A BELA student’s school day is a mixture of hands-on materials and online content facilitated primarily by the learning coach. 

    BELA features: 

    • Curriculum specifically designed for online learning
    • Hands on materials including books mailed to your home
    • An iPad assigned to each student to support access
    • Weekly on-campus learning for all students
    • Certificated teachers support the individual learning needs of each student
    • Optional monthly academic field trips help to expand the student’s learning and make connections for students and parents
    • Optionally stay connected to your neighborhood school for music and art programs

    Family Responsibilities: 

    • Provide a consistent daily school schedule to support the learning of the student
    • Provide an internet connection and a laptop or desktop to support the online learning needs of the student’s learning plan
    • Provide learning coach time to the student on a daily basis to support the learning plan


    Contact us at:

    Email: belak5@bethelsd.org

    Phone: 253-800-4990 

    Our Mission

    Bethel Elementary Learning Academy (BELA) is a partnership between the Bethel School District and parents who chose to teach their K-5 grade student at home. This alternative learning experience offers a blend of on and off-site instruction with certificated teacher support, online courses, and traditional curriculum to meet the unique and individual needs of students. The student is enrolled in the Bethel School District, which will assess their learning progress.