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    My name is Veronica Kaipainen, but the kids and staff at our school find "Mrs. K" to be much easier to remember and say! :)

     This is my 19th year as an elementary school counselor, and I'm proud to say that every single year has been spent right here at Pioneer Valley.  I have thoroughly enjoyed watching the children grow and learn over all these years, and getting to know and care so much about the families in our PV community.  I even have former students as parents! :)

    I'm very proud to be a part of the Pioneer Valley team.  Our teachers, students and families are the best!


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  • Students visiting...

    I tell the students that my job is to make sure that they are happy and safe at school.  There are many ways that kids end up in conversation with me; here are the most common ways:

    1) Self-referral - I have a box outside my door that students may leave notes in if they wish to visit with me.  This is a great way for kids to advocate for themselves when they have something they want to talk about.

    2) Staff-referral - Teachers and other PV adults come to me when there are social-emotional concerns or when there's a behavior that they would like help with.

    3) Referral from home - Parents and guardians are welcome to call me with questions or concerns that they have.  If there is something that has the potential to impact their time at school, I would like to work with you to help support them while they're here.

    4) Peer-referral - What an amazing thing when students begin to advocate for one another.  When students see a friend or classmate in need of help, they, too, have the ability to leave me a note to express their concern.

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    I support the students in staff in other capacities besides individual counseling.  This may be a classroom guidance lesson, small group guidance, behavior support, and others.  It's likely that I will work with each child in some way.  I will communicate home when some follow up is needed or if you need to be made aware of an issue; often it is unnecessary, however.

    Family support is crucial, too.  I work closely with families in need of resources.  If you are in need of some resources (mental health/counseling information, clothing, supplies, bills, etc.) please contact me.  Resources are scarce and limited, but I'm committed to doing what I can to help you and your family.


    I can be reached by email at vkaipainen@bethelsd.org or by phone at 253.800.8979.  My office hours are from 8:35 - 4:05.


    ~Veronica Kaipainen

    "Mrs. K"



    knowledge is power

    • Assists with inquiring about and applying for resources from the state.

    • "Go-to" first check resource for all of Pierce County.  This has information to every type of resource from shelters, food, utilities, home repair, etc., etc.  Call 2-1-1 and you will get a live person to assist you.  For independent research, you can use the website.  This is a great resource for volunteering as well.

    Kids Mental Health Pierce County

    • Kids’ Mental Health Pierce County is a group of agencies and professionals dedicated to improving child and adolescent mental health treatment and prevention in Pierce County.

    • Webpage that kids can access about various different types of emotions, ways to cope, scenarios, etc.  There is an audio version for non-readers, as well as can be accessed in Spanish.


    Second Step

    • This is the Curriculum that our district has adopted to support Social Emotional Learning in our students.  Social Emotional Learning provides our students with tools and strategies for emotion and conflict management, growth mindset and interpersonal skills.  More about this can be found in the Office of Superintendant of Public Instruction (OSPI) SEL website.

    Bethel School District - Family Resources
    • A comprehensive list of resources in our area.

    Autism Speaks
    • Resource for students and families who have a family member diagnosed with Autism.


    The Trevor Project

    • Resources and support lines for our LGBTQ youth