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                 BATTLE OF THE BOOKS 2016/2017
    Welcome to Mars:  Making a Home on the Red Planet (Aldrin)
    Kinda Like Brothers (Booth)
    The War That Saved My Life (Bradley)
    Mountain Dog (Engle)
    Space Case:  A Moon Base Alpha Novel (Gibbs)
    Absolutely Almost (Graff)
    Roller Girl (Jamieson)
    Dash (Larson)
    The Misadventures of the Family Fletcher (Levy)
    Rain Reign (Martin)
    28 Days:  Moments in Black History That Changed the World (Smith)
    Loot:  How to Steal a Fortune (Watson)
    Eddie Red Undercover:  Mystery on Museum Mile (Wells)
    The Forbidden Library (Wexler)
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