Battle of the Books covers
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    Cedarcrest Library Policies

    Student behavior expectations:
    Students will be respectful.
    Students will be responsible.
    Students will be safe.

    Visiting the CMS Library
    The library is open before school 6:50 a.m. - 7:10 a.m., advisory, lunch & after school until 2:15 p.m.
    During class time, you must have a student agenda signed & dated by your teacher.
    During advisory, you must have your agenda signed & dated by your teachers with the purpose of your visit.

    Due Dates
    Books are due fourteen school days after they were checked out.

    Students may have three library books checked out at a time.
    Additional books may be checked out with teacher/librarian approval.

    Book Selection
    There is a book in the Cedarcrest Middle School library for every student. If you can't find one, ask Ms. Sowden for assistance.

    You can always use Destiny (library catalog) to find a good book similar to one you just read by following these steps:

    • do a title search for the book you just read
    • click on the title of the book to get the details of the book
    • under Explore! choose a subject that describes why you liked the book
    • there will be a list of titles to choose from. 
    • click on the title and read the summary to decide if you want that book. 
    • check to see if it is available. 
    • write down the call number and find the book on the shelf. 
    • ask for help, if you cannot find it.