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  • Welcome to Leadership! We are so looking forward to the great year we are going to have and the work we are going to do here at Cougar Mountain. The bulk of our work and communication will be done either live or through Canvas. 

    Leadership will meet every day during advisory (7th & 8th grade) as well as each Thursday from 2:00 - 4:00 (all grades). In that time, we will work on defining leadership for each of us, finding ways to serve our classmates, our school and community and creating a strong sense of pride and excitement about being a Cougar Mountain Cougar. Students will be expected to contribute to school activities and events, as well as manage their outside activities, grades and commitments in a responsible manner. We will model the Cougar Mountain motto: Work Hard and Be Safe, Be Respectful and Be Responsible, and we will represent the ideal "Believe there is good in the world by being the good." 

    You will find the syllabus both on this page as well as on our Canvas page, but most other documents will only be hosted on Canvas. Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions at any time.

    Christine Cole 

    Jennifer Schouviller