• Academic Help - SWAG (Students Will Achieve Academic Greatness) 2016-2017

    SWAG (Students Will Achieve Greatness) is an after-school program to assist students in finishing their homework, completing a project, retaking a test, or typing an essay. SWAG is available every Tuesday and Thursday from 2:00 – 4:15. You can also pick up your son or daughter before 4:15 if desired. An activity bus is also available to drive your child home.

    If you want your son or daughter to utilize this program, you will have to contact the teacher so that he or she can add them to the list. Students are not generally added to the list permanently but are put on the list as needed for each session by the teacher. There are 20 seats available per session, so you might receive a request for your son or daughter to come on a future day when the list is full.