• Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying: What Every SMS Student Needs to Know

    Spanaway Middle School is a bully-free zone. Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying are not tolerated at Spanaway Middle School and such actions will face disciplinary consequences. There are no excuses for harassment or bullying! Harassment and bullying are against the law and against school rules. Spanaway Warriors are expected to be respectful, responsible, and safe in all their interactions with peers and classmates. 

    Read the Bethel School District Policies Here: Policy 3205 & Policy 3207

    What Can You Do?

    Reporting a HIB Incident

    The following information is needed when a HIB Incident is reported to SMS:

    Who: Names

    What: Summary of incident/concern

    When: Date(s) the incident(s) happened

    Where: Location of incident/concern

    How Often: Number of times it happened.

    If you are being harassed or bullied

    1. Tell the harasser to stop.
    2. Be assertive, but calm.
    3. Keep a record of what happened.
    4. Tell another person: a teacher, a counselor, a friend.
    5. If you witness someone being harassed, tell an adult. Do not be a bystander!

    All Day, Every Day

    1. Treat everyone with courtesy and respect.
    2. Treat school property and personal property with respect.
    3. Create and maintain a positive and safe environment.
    4. Come to school prepared for learning.
    5. Act responsibly and accept the consequences of your actions.
    6. Help everyone in the school feel capable, connected, and contributing.

  • Bullying defined
    When someone repeatedly does or says something to you for the purpose of hurting you or threatening to hurt you or to seriously alarm or embarrass you in public. 

    Examples of bullying

    • Someone is threatening to beat you up in school, including when walking to or from school, when you get off the bus, while talking to you on your cell phone or while you are online.
    • Someone is taking something of yours without your permission.
    • Someone is spreading rumors about you or your family.
    • Someone is embarrassing you in front of others by either calling you names or doing something to you like hiding your books, pulling your seat out from under you, etc.
    • Someone is telling other kids not to talk to you or be friends with you.
    • Someone continues to shove you into the halls and says it is always an accident.
    • Someone is sexually harassing you. (following you around, whistling at you, making comments about your body or doing something to your body, touching you inappropriately, etc.)

    Reporting bullying is the responsible thing to do!
    Students may report bullying to campus safety, teachers, custodians, social workers, guidance counselors, school administrators, food services, or another school staff member in addition to or instead of filling out the below information or filling out an incident report form and turning it in to your school. You can also report harassment or sexual harassment to the district Title IX Compliance Officer- Bryan Streleski, Director of Athletics & Security at 253-683-6056 or bstreleski@bethelsd.org