Welcome to Advisory

  • Advisory is an opportunity for our students to build relationships with teachers and same, grade-level peers while working on skills to encourage them to be more successful students and citizens outside of school.  Students explore topics such as studying, grades, community service, digital citizenship, graduation requirements, career self-assessments and exploration, planning beyond high school, etc.

    Benefits to Advisory:

    • Improved relationships between students and teachers (Totten & Nielson, 1994)
    • Increased sense of trust and belonging (Ziegler & Mulhall, 1994)
    • Better communication among all members of the school community (Simmons & Kiarich, 1989)
    • Improved attendance rates (Simpson & Boriack, 1994)
    Important Information:
    • Advisory will show up on students' schedules as an 8th Period Course.  
    • Successful completion of Advisory over four years is required for graduation, see the Advisory Syllabus for more information.
    • We utilize Xello for students' electronic portfolios.
    • Most students will loop (stay with their current Advisory teacher) to the next grade-level until their senior year.
    • Students and families should contact the students' Advisory teacher or Counselor with questions related to Advisory
Last Modified on April 7, 2021