• In this section, students can learn more about...

    Career Assessment Tools
    * Explore careers based on interests.
    * Learn about careers, wages, and educational requirements within industries.
    * Explore colleges, training options, and financial aid programs for their chosen career.
    * Create a portfolio that includes a resume, cover letter and many other documents that a student may need to apply for a job or college scholarship.
    * Access the WOIS website.

    Job Searching Tips
    * Create an entry-level professional Resume.
    * Create a professional Cover Letter.
    * Prepare for a Job Interview.

    Click the link for Job Searching tips: Job Search Tools

    Apprenticeship, Internship and Job Shadow Opportunities
    * Programs available to high school students in Washington State.
    * How to complete job shadow assignments.

    Teen Employment
    * Information about working during high school in Washington State