Principal's Message

  • Welcome Back Clover Creek Hawks!

    Clover Creek’s mission is to provide quality instruction encouraging students to be self-motivated learners, create high expectations of achievement and behavior to develop productive citizens, and embrace new technology and methodologies that will prepare students for THEIR future. We believe that all students are capable of achieving great things; it is our job to inspire and unlock the potential in each student. Our staff is committed to helping your children reach proficiency within their grade level standards and will be tracking their growth as the year progresses. We look forward to sharing these learning goals and achievements with you!

    I would like to welcome a few new people to our staff:

    • Cassidy Haas- Kindergarten Teacher
    • Hannah Vieselmeyer- Kindergarten Teacher
    • Jayna Inderbitzen- First Grade Teacher
    • Miranda Barkely- First Grade Teacher
    • Jamie Harmonson- Second Grade Teacher
    • Stephen Crowell- Fourth Grade Teacher
    • Zachary Ross- Fourth Grade Teacher
    • Diane Lewis- Fourth Grade Teacher
    • Keith Fincham- Fifth Grade Teacher
    • Heidi Dawson- Resource Room Teacher
    • Miranda Gibson- Library Clerk
    • Veronica – Structured Para Educator

     I also would like to acknowledge some exciting changes for some of our existing staff members: 

    • Ms. Ferguson got married and is now Mrs. M
    • Ms. Doolin got married and is now Mrs. Trottman.
    • Mrs. Bwondolle, our other resource teacher, will be out on maternity leave through
      January 2019. Ms. Lori Reilly, an experienced special education teacher for BSD, is graciously taking over Mrs. Bwondolle’s responsibilities until she returns.
    • Mrs. Ryan Olsen will be returning from maternity leave after welcoming their second son
      to the world last June.

    The first day of school (1 st -5 th grade) is September 6, 2018 and our Kindergartners will start school on September 11 th . School starts at 8:30 AM with our doors opening at 8:10 for students eating breakfast and 8:15 for students who will not eat breakfast at school. You are welcome to walk your student to their class but please keep in mind that we are eager to start our instructional day with them at 8:30, we thank you in advance for leaving our campus at that time. Within this packet, is the name of your child’s teacher for the 2018-19 school year. Please know that our teachers and support specialists worked very hard to select the best placement for every child. Gender, academic performance, behavioral trends, and special programs thoughtfully balance our classrooms. Thank you for supporting these important class placement decisions.

    With 760 students in attendance, our parking lot can become crowded during drop off and pick up times. Please be sure you observe our parking lot guidelines (attached) to ensure everyone has a safe and pleasant experience while at Clover Creek. If our parking lot is full, parents are encouraged to wait at the Crossroads Church and then drive over once traffic has eased. Do not sit idly on 36 th Avenue East, as this is a ticketed traffic offense. We are placing an emphasis on parents staying in their cars this year to help with the efficiency of our pick-up routine. Thank you in advance for adhering to our guidelines. We welcome and encourage parent/guardian volunteers!

    Our volunteers help in various ways including: reading to small groups of students; listening to young readers; cutting out classroom materials; assisting during testing days; teaching rules to sports games during recess; organizing/assisting at extracurricular events after school; running stations at field day;
    chaperoning field trips…the list goes on. If you’re considering volunteering at our school, please be sure to submit your volunteer application This application usually takes about two weeks to process. Equally as exciting is our ability to partner with you through out wonderful PTA. Our PTA is very active in all of our community events. They sponsor all field trips and help to make sure building needs are met. We hope you’ll consider joining our PTA, and supporting our school through various activities that would not be possible without our community volunteers. 

    Finally, we believe character is an important key to success. We are proud that our students display: Honest, Achieving, Willing, Kind and Successful characteristics. Your student will participate in biweekly mini-assemblies hosted by our counselor, Mrs. Little and Social Skills teacher, Mrs. Webb highlighting essential character traits. You can support our efforts by asking your students how they plan to utilize their character development lessons in their day-to-day lives.

    We are looking forward to partnering with all of you to make 2018- 19 an incredible year!

    Sara Olson, Principal