Principal's Message

  • Dear Clover Creek Families,


    I cannot believe summer is already upon us! We have had an amazing 2016-17 school year with many celebrations of academic and social growth.


    We are proud of the progress we have made this year! Our intermediate students, in each grade level, made a gain of at least 10% on their SBA this year compared to last year. Our students have been persistent in developing study skills, learning appropriate writing response strategies and math problem solving attack strategies. Our parent involvement in PTA and evening events has tripled since the beginning of the year. Thank you for being involved in our school activities, we know success for our students is generated first at home and that parents are our primary support to help students with achievement. Our primary grades continued to achieve high expectations in both ELA (english language arts) and math while simutanously building a common writing focus. Kindergarten and first grade students consistently earned 75% proficiency and above on all of their end of unit assessments.


    Assessment was a large focus for me this year as it was my first year as principal at Clover Creek. I took this year to assess what systems are working well and what may need to be altered. One of our main areas for concern is our parking lot. We have worked with our district’s Risk Manager and the Sherriff’s department to increase the flow of our parking lot and will continue to make improvements with signs and painted arrows to help with navigation. The most important strategy you can use to help with the efficiency of our parking lot is patience, followed by not parking on the side of the street. I have tried to leave for meetings at the end of the day and have found myself pulling out onto the street blindly due to parked cars next to the exit driveway. There should not be any parking on the street. We are going to try a new parent pick up system next year to help speed up our pick up process. We are exiting 765 students from our building and usually do this in under 15 minutes.


    Next year, I look forward to digging deeper into enhancing supports to ensure universal student achievement. Our students come to school with a zest for learning and desire to further develop character traits that help them create positive relationships. We have an amazing, hard working team at Clover Creek, I am so fortunate to be able to work alongside such talented professionals.


    Please help your student(s) to read, read, read this summer! Review math facts, talk about different destination spots around the world, discuss why the weather changes occur or try different (maybe even edible) experiments.


    In Service,


    Sara Olson