• Spanaway Elementary

A Message From Mrs. Kosa and Mrs. Honig

  • Jaguar families,

    We have had an interesting start to the new year, but thanks to our students, staff, and community for being flexible and supportive, we have made it through!

    Our Jaguars are already working hard and setting goals for success!


    Jaguars, STRIVE and RISE! 

    Kim Kosa and Lori Honig


  • Click here or go to https://www.commhealth.org/community-health-care/community-resources/ to check out the new Community Health Care resource page! You will find information about childcare, job training, food banks, clothing banks, and much more!

Schedule Information

  • Late Start Days: School starts at 9:35. Breakfast will be offered/served on late start days beginning at 9:20.

    School Lunch: This year breakfast and lunch is free. Menus will be published WEEKLY (instead of monthly) and posted on the district website starting Monday, September 20th

    Morning Arrival: Parents, please do not drop your student off before 8:20, supervision does not begin until then and your child will be standing outside the playground gates without an adult. Thank you for your help in keeping our Jaguars safe. 


Second Step Social-Emotional Learning at SE!

  • Last week, our students learned about emotions. Everyone has them, and sometimes we can figure out other people’s emotions just by looking at their face! Emotions are not a bad thing, but sometimes strong emotions can take over. In class, students discovered ways to identify and talk about their emotions.

    This week, our students will be learning about emotions like sad and worried. When we know these emotions we can help others recognize these emotions in them. When these emotions show up they also produce stress in our lives. Talk to your child about emotions that show up in them and how they can communicate how they are feeling.

    Learner Quality of the Month!

    This month, our Jaguars are working on being growth-minded. Talk with your child about ways they were growth-minded at school each day.

    It’s Winter Assessment Time!

    STAR Reading & Math (K-5), Acadience (K-5) and RAN (K-1)

    It’s that time of year for winter assessments. Your teachers will have specific dates for each test. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s teacher. Also, thanks for your support to ensure that your child is getting lots of sleep, eating a hearty breakfast, and is ready to conquer the assessments when the day comes.

    Testing Windows

    STAR Reading & Math - January 10-28

    Acadience - January 10-28

    RAN - January 10-28

    Although, each assessment has the same beginning and ending dates, these dates reflect the entire testing window. Students will not be testing on each of those days, but instead will be testing based on the specific date that the teacher and/or team have scheduled.

District News

  • (Elementary has the same safety measures in place!)

    Levies 2022

    In February, our district will have two levies up for renewal. Our Educational Programs and Operations Levy helps pay for critical things like special education programs and extra transportation costs, while our Technology Levy funds our iPad program that helped our district transition quickly to online learning during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more at: bethelsd.org/levy2022


    Levy-funded music education

    Our music educators are responsible for teaching their students to read sheet music and hit the correct notes, but their most important lessons transcend music altogether. https://youtu.be/twtv9FbVUic

  • It is time for Highly Capable referrals! Anyone (parents, teachers, community, etc.) can refer a student to be tested for potential qualification in next year's highly capable programs. Students from all grade levels can be referred. You can complete the form online at www.tinyurl.com/BethelHighlyCapable or get assistance with the referral at the school's main office.

    Those students referred will be tested in the school building this spring or next fall. Results will be sent home through postal mail to kindergarten families by the end of the school year. More information about our highly capable programs can be found at www.bethelsd.org/Page/682 or in the school main office.


    Highly Capable Referrals

    The referral dates for Kindergarten - 5th Grades: January 3-31, 2022

  • This coming February 8th, Bethel Schools will have two levies on the ballot. One is an Educational Programs and Operations Levy and one is a Technology Levy. Both of these are Replacement Levies.This means that neither of these would result in new taxes. These were both first passed in 2014 and then again in 2018. The EPO levy helps pay for critical programs that the state does not fully fund. These include educational programs and staff, Extracurricular programs like athletics and arts, Nurses and Counselors/Social workers, as well as maintenance and transportation. The Technology Levy funds our one to one device initiative and most other important infrastructure. We quickly learned this was so valuable as we adapted to different learning models during the pandemic. Again, Both of these important levies are renewals, which means they are necessary to continue the programs we currently have and will not result in new taxes.

Dates to Remember

  • January 12- Late arrival School starts at 9:35am.

    January 17- Martin Luther King day-NO SCHOOL.

    January 18 5:30pm PTSA General Membership Zoom Meeting Zoom ID 348 210 9146

    January 19- Late arrival School starts at 9:35am.

    January 26-No School PL day for teachers.