Service Awards

  • Congratulations to the following staff who are receiving service pins for the 2014/15 school year. This page will be updated throughout the year as more staff are recognized!

    5 Year 
    Shawn Foote, Challenger High School 
    Charity Stern, Spanaway Elementary
    Christopher Canino, Graham-Kapowsin High School
    Brooke McDonald, Graham-Kapowsin High School
    Erin Rounds, Graham-Kapowsin High School
    Derek Gillingham, Cougar Mountain Middle School
    Kiersten Gramps, Roy Elementary
    Shelley Wheat, Liberty Middle School
    Georgina Park, Elk Plain School of Choice 
    Lynn Gilbertson, Shining Mountain Elementary
    Nicole Gray, Spanaway Lake High School
    Helene Taylor, Spanaway Lake High School
    Bill Raby, Custodial
    Faisal Sahi, Custodial
    Catherine Freeman, Child Nutrition
    Jennifer Grant, Child Nutrition
    Noreen Kim, Child Nutrition
    Roberta Mitsules, Child Nutrition

    10 Year 
    Cheryl BrundageChallenger High School 
    Elaine Crawford, Spanaway Elementary
    Camilla Fredrikson, Spanaway Elementary
    Jennifer Hardie, Spanaway Elementary
    Yvette Lyons, Spanaway Elementary
    Carrie Alger, Graham-Kapowsin High School
    Cathleen Livingston-Carlson, Graham-Kapowsin High School
    Elijah Porter, Graham-Kapowsin High School
    Tanya Torres-Steen, Graham-Kapowsin High School
    Seth Humphrey, Graham-Kapowsin High School
    Hannah Blackburn, Cougar Mountain Middle School
    Zachary Womack, Cougar Mountain Middle School
    Brianne Newman, Rocky Ridge Elementary
    Vikki Oades, Rocky Ridge Elementary
    Jessica Campbell, Liberty Middle School
    John Upchurch, Liberty Middle School
    Judy Whitley, Liberty Middle School
    Carla Barragan, Elk Plain School of Choice 
    Ayme Bergamot, Elk Plain School of Choice 
    Coralie Jones, Elk Plain School of Choice 
    Alice Carson, Shining Mountain Elementary
    Beverly Estrada, Shining Mountain Elementary
    Jessica Harder, Spanaway Lake High School
    Todd Keister, Spanaway Lake High School
    Paula McKenzie-Misley, Spanaway Lake High School
    Gary Milbradt, Spanaway Lake High School
    Robert Smith, Spanaway Lake High School
    Kathryn Zornes, Spanaway Lake High School
    Donald Ferron, Jr., Spanaway Middle School
    Allison Sampson, Spanaway Middle School
    Johnnie Mariano, Custodial
    Samuel Paul, Custodial
    Janet Stoffel, Custodial
    Vickie Ayers, Child Nutrition
    Grace Bumgardner, Child Nutrition
    Janis Collett, Child Nutrition
    Nancy Linder, Child Nutrition

    Lara Botsford, Graham-Kapowsin High School
    Erika Kurle, Graham-Kapowsin High School
    Pamela Schrier, Graham-Kapowsin High School
    Sara Izzard, Cougar Mountain Middle School
    Winifred Marquardt, Rocky Ridge Elementary
    Summer Green, Roy Elementary
    Kimberly Nelson, Roy Elementary
    Teri Lott, Liberty Middle School
    Ediena Parker-Gursky, Liberty Middle School
    Bryan Case, Elk Plain School of Choice 
    Brenda Pattee, Elk Plain School of Choice 
    Jeffrey Kadow, Shining Mountain Elementary
    Lillie Russell,  Shining Mountain Elementary
    Patricia Witney, Shining Mountain Elementary
    David D'Aniello, Spanaway Lake High School
    Bryan Davis, Spanaway Lake High School
    Donna Kolowinski, Spanaway Lake High School
    Susan Mayne, Spanaway Lake High School
    Michael Mercer, Spanaway Lake High School
    Colleen Savard, Spanaway Lake High School
    Heather Van Dyke, Spanaway Lake High School
    Lynn Graciano, Spanaway Middle School
    Kathleen Rushing, Spanaway Middle School
    Aileen benMohamed, Custodial
    Myrna Grabill, Custodial
    Jack Nealy, Custodial
    Sharon Belt, Child Nutrition
    Patricia Erickson, Child Nutrition
    Sharon Kitchen, Child Nutrition
    Lyn Sanford, Child Nutrition
    Deborah Wilson, Child Nutrition

    Susan Elliott, Graham-Kapowsin High School
    Gabriela Garcia, Rocky Ridge Elementary
    Frederick Fitch, Rocky Ridge Elementary
    Susan Josephson, Rocky Ridge Elementary
    Mary Macinnes, Liberty Middle School
    Karla Moriarty, Elk Plain School of Choice 
    Linda Marelic, Spanaway Lake High School
    Kelly Wheeler, Spanaway Lake High School
    Glenda Fay, Spanaway Middle School
    Leo Bell, Custodial
    Debra Scarbrough, Custodial
    Lorri Budd, Child Nutrition
    Terry Hartman, Child Nutrition

    Frances LoveChallenger High School 
    Lois Trapp, Spanaway Elementary
    Bethanne Parr, Roy Elementary
    Diane Brokaw, Spanaway Middle School
    Rebecca Troxell, Child Nutrition

    Vicky Swick, Roy Elementary
    Ann Waybright, Shining Mountain Elementary
    Bobbie Elery, Shining Mountain Elementary
    Freida Williamson, Spanaway Lake High School
    Kathleen Pointec, Spanaway Lake High School
    Teresita Moreland, Custodial
    Anne Blessing, Child Nutrition

    Helen Drabek, Roy Elementary
    Mark Kuhlmann, Custodial