Printing & Graphic Services
  • Bethel Schools Printing & Graphics Department is a full-service print shop, serving our schools, departments and administrative offices, as well as ASB and school-related clubs and parent teacher organizations (no personal orders, sorry).

    We have high-speed, black and white production printers, full-color digital presses, digital envelope printing, posters, banners and multiple bindery options.

    The print shop is located in the Bethel Annex building off Canyon Road. All print orders are placed through our online ordering portal: Print Shop Pro WebDesk

    Here is the basic process:
    Get a login password by clicking the “green lifesaver” on the WebDesk home page.  Login to your print account and choose from: “Store Items” or “Printing Orders”.

    Store Items: Includes curriculum printing and pre-designed items that you can order without having to upload a file. The menu on the left-hand side of the screen can be used to narrow down the categories and sub-categories of items to help you find what you are looking for.

    Printing Order: Opens a menu of different types of printing categories including: black and white copies, color paper and card stock, full-color printing, booklets, spiral bound, pads, posters, envelopes, labels, tickets and more!

    Once you choose your print order category, fill in the blanks with the quantity needed, number of pages/originals you have, type and color of paper and bindery options. Then, you can upload a file (or multiple files) to be printed.

    Uploading PDF files is usually the best but the WebDesk can convert Microsoft Office and some other file types. When uploading a file that is not already a pdf, please double-check that the website has converted it correctly. Apple/Mac users should “save-as” PDF for best results.

    If you only have a paper (hard) copy of an order you would like printed and are unable to scan it at your building, login and place an order, same as if you had the digital file, but, in the “Special Instructions” leave a note that you will be sending the hard copy through the courier or dropping it off yourself. When the system asks if you would like to attach a file, click the button for “No - Skip Attaching a File” and complete the order. Make sure you attach the Job Ticket number to your hard copy, so we can match it to the order you placed.

    Contact us:
    253-800-6763 and use the green "Lifesaver" to send us a message.




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