Pioneer Valley Student & Family Handbook 21-22

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    731 5 Eustis Hunt Road
    Spanaway, Washington 98387
    Phone: 253-683-8900
    FAX: 253-683-8998



    Welcome to Pioneer Valley Elementary

    We are excited for the 2021-2022 school year and we welcome our new kindergarteners and students! Please make sure you read the information and expectations for students at Pioneer Valley Elementary this year. This handbook is designed to be a guide for the behaviors we expect in order to keep our school welcoming, safe and clean. Please read these expectations and review them regularly.

    Pioneer Valley Elementary is a very exciting and special place for students, parents, and staff---a school that will provide a sound education. It is a place for learning and growing. We are sure you will do a lot of both while you are here. Our staff is committed to providing you with the very best learning opportunities possible. Parents are invited to be partners with the school staff in helping children be their best.

    Our rules and expectations are explained in this handbook. We want you to learn and remember them. The staff at Pioneer Valley Elementary will expect you to maintain Explorer behavior, which means you will always be courteous, respectful, and behave in a manner that shows you are a good citizen.

    We hope you enjoy attending Pioneer Valley Elementary and we are sure that you will have many positive and productive experiences here. We encourage you to be involved in all aspects of the programs offered at our school. We look forward to a great year for you as we explore learning together!

    Christoph Green, Principal
    Deserae Bull,  Assistant Principal

  • School Vision

  • Learning Climate

  • Behavior Philosophy

  • Positive Behavior Encouragement System

  • Firearms & Weapons

  • Drug-Free and Tobacco Policy

  • Pioneer Valley Elementary Rules and Procedures

  • School Hours

  • Attendance

  • Homework & Textbooks

  • Parent-Teacher Conferences and Grade Reports

  • Dress and Personal Items

  • If Students Get In Trouble

  • General Information about Pioneer Valley

  • Health Information