• Liberty Middle School Summer Math Information 2019 

    Staying active in your math practice is the best way to start out your school year.  Liberty students are encouraged to spend one hour a week practicing math skills on the online program, IXL.   Each Liberty student received a letter, including their username and password for the IXL program in June. The letter also included the recommended “refresher” skills to focus on.  Below is a list of those skills by grade level or by Advanced class. You can go online or download the IXL App from your app store! Make sure you log into your Liberty account or your teacher will not be able to see your hard work.

    How To Use IXL for Liberty Middle Summer Math for Liberty Students…

    1.    Log in with your username and password at https://www.ixl.com/signin/bethelsd
    2.    Click on the Math tab.
    3.    Click on the tab for the grade level that your student is working on.
    4.    Work through the skills listed below as a review for next year’s math class.  The standards recommended are the ones you will need to specifically for the first two chapters of your math class.
    5.    If you complete all of the recommended skills, complete other skills as a refresher so you are better prepared to be a middle school Math student.

    If you are having difficulty, please email Melissa Heltsley at: mheltsley@bethelsd.org .  Make sure to explain your difficulty (need username/password information, difficulty navigating the website, etc.) and provide student first and last name and contact phone number.

    Username and Password:


    (If you don't go to directly to our school page and just go to the regular IXL site, you need to add @bethelsd to the user name.)


    Incoming 6th Graders & Advanced 6th Grade: (ALL on the 6th grade tab)

    Whole Numbers: A.5 and 6

    Multiplication:  B.1 and 2

    Division: C.2 and 5

    Decimals: F.1-3   

    Fractions and Mixed Numbers: I.1-11

    Add and subtract fractions: J.1, 2, 3, 6


    Incoming 7th Graders: (all on the 7th grade tab)

    Integers: M.1-M.6

    Decimals: D.1 - 4

    Operations with Decimals: E.1, 3, 5, 9

    Fractions: F.2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9

    Operation with Fractions: G.1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 10, 12, 13, 18

    Two Variable Equations: U.1, 3, 5


    Incoming 8th Graders: (All on the 7th grade tab)

    One variable equations: S.1-S.9

    Operations with fractions: G.1-G.18

    Variable Expressions: R.1-R.16

    Coordinate Plane: P.1-P.4

    Operations with integers: C.1-C.9


    Advanced 7th Grade Math Review Skills:

    On 7th Grade tab:

         Ratios and Proportions: J.1-J.13

         Operations w/Fractions: G.1-G.15

    On 8th Grade tabs:

         Integers: B.1-B.5

         One Variable Equations: W.6-W.11



    Algebra Review Skills:

    On 8th Grade tab:

         Pythagorean Theorem: R.1- 5

         Two Dimensional Figures: O.1-10

         Transformations and Congruence: P.1- 16

         Proportional Relations: I.1- 8

    On Algebra tab:

         Solve Equations: J.3- 10

         Exponents: V.1- 7