• Dear Clover Creek Families,


    Welcome to the 2017-18 school year! In an effort to save district resources and help you locate needed resources easily we have posted building policies on our website. You will find the student handbook, rights and responsibilities, and building discipline letter on our website at: https://www.bethelsd.org/cces under the Family Resources tab. A limited supply of printed copies will be available in the main office and can be printed upon request. Provided below are some highlights found within these important documents:


    1. Student Rights & Responsibilities
    • Students have a right to pursue a course of studies and make reasonable efforts to learn.
    • Students shall attend school daily and be on time to all classes.
    • Students shall be aware of and obey all school rules.
    • No student may be unlawfully denied an equal educational opportunity or be unlawfully discriminated against. (Policy 3210)

    District Policies Regarding:

    • Attendance
    • Student Discipline
    • Student Dress Code
    • Appropriate Technology Use
    • Transportation Rules
    • Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act
    1. Student Handbook
    • Attendance: Any time a student is not present for school, parents must contact the school to excuse the absence and ensure we know the student is safe. Parents may do this by calling 253-683-7893, using Family Access, sending an email to gphillips@bethelsd.org or writing a note and giving it to Mrs. Phillips.
    • Dress Code: Must be appropriate for an educational setting.

    III. Discipline Letter

    • Clover Creek uses a needs based approach to discipline. We believe misbehavior indicates the student has a need that needs to be met or taught with a positive proactive approach. In the event that the misbehavior persists we use the following progressive discipline approach: classroom interventions, after school detention (held Tuesday’s & Thursday’s from 3:00-3:30), in-school suspension, short term suspension and long term suspension.


    We look forward to an enriching and successful year with your student! Thank you for your on-going support. Please contact us to request these documents in print at 253-683-7800.





    Sara Olson                                          Rebecca Hannath

    Principal                                              Assistant Principal



    I _________________________ have received a letter informing me of my students’ rights & responsibilities. I am

       (Printed Parent Name)

    aware of where to find copies of the: rights & responsibilities, student handbook and building discipline letter.



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    (Signed Parent Name)                                                            (Date)                                        (Student Name)