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    The comprehensive school counseling program at Graham-Kapowsin High School advocates for equity, access, and success for every student by promoting academic achievement, college/career readiness and social/emotional growth. We partner with stakeholders to encourage student self-advocacy and accountability, and to prepare all students to become lifelong learners and productive citizens.

    Vision Statement

    All students from Graham-Kapowsin High School have graduated career and college ready. Our students are employed or on track to be employed in a career that matches their individual interests, abilities and values and are productive contributors in a diverse global society. Students achieve their fullest potential and make a positive difference in their home, workplace and global community.  


    • All students shall have access to a school counselor who actively advocates for their academic, career, and social/emotional needs.
    • Students thrive when they make meaningful connections through activities, academic rigor, and relationships with adults.
    • Students are lifelong learners and will be productive citizens.
    • School counselors will collaborate with families, stakeholders and community resources to meet student needs and assist student development.
    • School counselors assist students with self-advocacy and accountability skills.
    • School counselors will use data to design, implement, evaluate and continuously improve the comprehensive school counseling program.
    • School counselors help students feel valued and empowered.


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    Counselor (A-Col)
    Phone: 253.683.6136
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    Counselor (Com-Gra)
    Phone: 253.683.6169
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    Counselor (Gre-La)
    Phone: 253-683-6147
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    Counselor (Le-Pam)
    Phone: 253.683.6178
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    Counselor (Pan-Sol)
    Phone: 253.683.6179
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    Counselor (Som-Z)
    Phone: 253-683-6177
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    Katie Kimball, Social Worker
    Phone: 253-683-6170
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    Kelly Woyak, Career Specialist
    Phone: 253-683-6120
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    Emmalee Kronoff, Career/College Counselor
    Phone: 253-683-6119
    Richard Donlavage
    Military & Family Life Counselor
    Phone: 253-381-8138
    Kelli Thomas, Graduation Success Coordinator
    Phone: 253-683-6162
    Kathy Ross, Counseling Center Clerk
    Phone: 253.683.6176 
    Robyn Barlow, Registrar
    Phone: 253.683.6184