• For the 2020 - 2021 School Year, Spanaway Middle School will use Edgenuity as the primary curriculum for English Language Arts, History, Humanities, Math, and Science. Our Career & Technical Education (CTE) classes will use curriculum from Project Lead the Way (PLTW). Our music and PE programs will be provided through custom Canvas pages. 

    Find out more about Edgenuity here and PLTW here.

    Daily Classwork

    Classwork due dates are assigned by the teacher. Please refer to the class syllabus that each teacher provides at the beginning of the school year for details about classwork, curriculum, and assignments.

    Textbooks are assigned to students each year. Students are responsible for their maintenance. 

    If a book is not returned, the student and parent are responsible for the cost of the textbook. If a book is returned damaged beyond reasonable wear, a fine will be assessed and the student and the parent will be responsible for that fine.

    All school records will be held at Spanaway Middle School until the book or its replacement cost is returned or fines are met.