SLHS Dress Code

  • Dress is defined as what students wear, and decorum is defined as how they behave. All students are expected to dress, groom themselves, and behave in ways that reflect appropriate public behavior. Our goal with the dress code is to support a safe and learning-focused community. Any item or behavior that disrupts the learning environment will be addressed.

    The following apply:

    • Any article of clothing, style of grooming, item brought to school (binder, bag, book covers etc...), or behavior that displays or promotes weapons, illicit drugs, profanity, tobacco products, lewd or obscene behavior, alcohol, or the degradation of human character is not permitted.
    • Any clothing, grooming, or behaviors that symbolize, represent, or exhibit gang-related activity (i.e. paisley print bandanas, confederate flags, swastikas, display of gang colors, gang behavior, gang affiliation) or hatred toward another person or group is not permitted. This includes displaying these items on a vehicle as well.
    • Any article of clothing, grooming, or behaviors which disrupt the learning environment or raise safety concerns are not permitted. This includes: pajamas, house slippers, and blankets.
    • Hats and hoods, sunglasses, and items that cover faces are not permitted.  Hoodies and hats make it difficult to distinguish Spanaway Lake students from off campus strangers.
    • Any article of clothing, grooming, or behaviors which expose private areas will not be allowed.

    The judgment of administration as to the appropriateness of student dress and/or decorum is final.

    Students who are not dressed appropriately for school will be given the opportunity to change. If needed, parents/guardians will be asked to bring clothing to school.