• MLE Help:

    Andrea Matthews / amatthews@bethelsd.org


    Math Help:

    If you need one-on-one math help, come to Room 256 during study support or Room 170 during lunches. After school math tutoring is also available in the library on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:20 to 4pm. 


    Science Help:

    Need help with science? Come in after school for support. Teachers are available for biology Monday in room 165 and Tuesdays and Thursdays for all subjects in room 159. Bring in assignments, retake quizzes, or ask those science questions that keep you up at night.

    Writing Help:

       If you'd like help with a writing assignment, feel free to bring your lunch to the writing center Room 232. Tutors and Mrs. Schmeil are ready to help you! 

      Contact Ms. Schmeil for more information.

    writing center