• Bond Project Update: November 2020

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    Even as we head into another cold and wet winter, our ongoing bond projects won’t be slowing down.

    Construction crews continue to make great progress on our newest school, Katherine G. Johnson Elementary. This month plumbing, electrical, and HVAC work was done on both the A and B wings of the school. Additionally, roof rafters and sheet roof were installed on the school’s B wing. The first round of vinyl windows were also installed this month.

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  • Bond Project Update: October 2020

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    With each passing month we’re getting closer to finishing our newest school, Katherine G. Johnson Elementary.

    Construction crews continue to make amazing progress at the site, located on Waller Road between Military and 176th. The roof on the school’s A wing is now fully installed and workers can begin the process of putting in electrical wiring. The roof on the B wing should be installed in the next two weeks.

    Earlier this month we held a COVID-delayed ceremonial groundbreaking at the site, where members of our School Board got a chance to reflect on the project.

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  • Bond Project Update: September 2020

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    Fall is in the air, but the colder temperatures and rainier days haven’t stopped us from moving forward on a number of exciting bond projects.

    Our largest current project is the new Katherine G. Johnson Elementary School, and we couldn’t be happier with the progress we’re making. This month our construction crews worked on plumbing and framing in the school’s A- and B-wings, as well as pouring concrete in the G-wing. They also worked on the school’s sewer and stormwater systems and began installing floor joists and electrical work throughout the project. Read more here.

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  • Bond Project Update: August 2020

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    Katherine G. Johnson Elementary

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  • Bond Update: July 2020 

    Katherine G. Johnson Elementary 


    We are thrilled to announce that our newest school will honor a true American hero who represents the passion, knowledge, and bravery we strive to instill in all Bethel students.
    At its Tuesday meeting, the Bethel School Board voted unanimously to christen our eighteenth elementary school Katherine G. Johnson Elementary.
    For those who don’t know, Katherine G. Johnson was an American mathematician who calculated and analyzed the flight paths of spacecraft during her more than three decades with the U.S. space program. Among many other accomplishments, her groundbreaking work helped send astronauts to the moon as part of 1969’s Apollo 11 mission. 
    Her life and work were celebrated in the 2016 movie “Hidden Figures.”
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  • Bond Project Update: June 2020

    Construction is underway at Elementary #18

    School scheduled to open in Fall 2021

    Elementary 18 video

    Construction has officially begun on our 18th elementary school! In the video above you’ll get a drone’s eye view of the work site.

    Located on Waller Road, in between Military at 176th, the school is scheduled to open in the fall of 2021 and be home to 700 students. It will also have space for enough portables to house another 200 students. Because of the way the state funds school construction, we can’t build schools to accommodate future growth, if we want to still be eligible for matching funds.

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  • Bond Update: May 2020

    Bond Refinancing Saves Taxpayers Over $5.3 Million


    The Bethel School District has taken advantage of low bond interest rates to save taxpayers money. A recent refinancing authorized by the Board of Directors will result in savings of $5,373,353 for taxpayers over the next seven years.

    “This was a great opportunity to demonstrate good fiscal stewardship and save our taxpayers a significant amount of money,” said Superintendent Tom Seigel. He emphasized that the savings will go directly to taxpayers through lower future tax collections.

    “This is money that will now stay in our community and local economy, rather than go to pay interest on outstanding bonds.

    The savings will also help the district promote future tax rate stability as it sells the remaining bonds approved by voters in 2019,” said Seigel.

    The district garnered a rate of 1.43% on the new bonds. This compares to 4.00% on the bonds being refinanced.

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  • Bond Project Update: April 2020

    Clearing the way for 900 students

    Land is being cleared on the district-owned Waller Road property that will soon be home to our 18th elementary school. When completed, the school will house 700 students starting in the fall of 2021.

    Elementary #18 will also have space for enough portables to house another 200 students to accommodate future growth. Because of the way the state funds school construction, we can’t build schools to accommodate future growth, if we want to still be eligible for matching funds. Read more here. 

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  • Bond Project Update: March 2020

    burning down the house

    Just over a year ago, voters in our district approved a School Construction Bond that will build three brand new schools in the coming years. Money from the bond will also be used to renovate and expand five other schools. The first school, Elementary #18, will open its doors in the fall of 2021.

    We didn’t start the fire

    The new Bethel High School is slated to open to students in the fall of 2023. Much of the planning is on paper at this point, but a fire in February certainly put the future location of the new school on the map for local residents. There was an old house on the district-owned property that needed to be removed before any site work could begin. Superintendent Tom Seigel offered the building to Graham Fire & Rescue as a training ground, as long as when they were done, they would burn it to the ground.

    For two months, Graham Fire trained in the house. They even invited students from the Pierce County Skills Center’s Fire Science program to join them for a few days of training. Those students also joined the firefighters on the final day, and got a front row seat to watch the structure burn to the ground.

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  • Bond projects are heating up


    Before we can build the New Bethel High School near 224th and 70th, there is an old house on the district-owned property that needs to come down.

    Instead of knocking it down, the district invited Graham Fire & Rescue to use the house for training, which they have been doing since January.

    In February, students from the Pierce County Skills Center’s Fire Science class joined the firefighters for training in the house.

    At the end of this month, the training will come to an end when Graham Fire will burn the house to the ground on February 27. This will help pave the way for the new Bethel High School to be constructed. That school is set to open in the fall of 2023.

    New BHS Value Engineering Report

    The Value Engineering Report for the New Bethel High School was recently completed by Roen Associates. The nearly 300-page document reviewed the architect’s design and made recommendations for cost avoidance, cost verification and added value proposals. This report is required in order to get the new BHS project on the list for state matching funds.

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  • 2020 Vision

    Elementary #18 to be named, new BHS schematics released

    new elementary school

    It’s been 11 months since voters overwhelmingly approved our School Construction Bond. The $443 million bond will fund the construction of three new schools, and will renovate and expand five others.

    Elementary #18

    The first new school we build will be our first new elementary school in more than a decade. Elementary #18 will be 80,000 square feet, located on Waller Road just north of 176th St. E.

    In December, a naming committee for the school was approved by the School Board. Made up of staff, parents and students, the committee will recommend names, mascots and colors for the new school to the School Board, who will make the final decision.

    Save the Date!: The district will host a neighborhood Open House for communities in and around Elementary #18. The event is scheduled for January 22 from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. at Clover Creek Elementary.

    Construction of Elementary #18 will begin in April 2020.

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  • Bond Project Update : December 2019

    bond video

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  • Bond Project Update : November 2019

    The biggest school we’ve ever built

    District unveils educational specifications for new BHS

    bethel high school

    “It’s the biggest building we’ve ever built,” Director of Construction Cathie Carlson said about the new Bethel High School. That building is one of the many bond projects currently in the works after voters overwhelmingly approved a School Construction Bond in February. At 250,000 square feet, the new high school will be ready for 1,800 students in classrooms, with room in portables for at least 250 more.

    Carlson has led the charge on planning for the new high school since April, when her team began development on the Educational Specifications, a 76-page document that includes site analysis and facility concepts. Carlson called it, “our blueprint as we move forward in the design.”

    Schematic designs for the new Bethel High are expected this winter.

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  • Bond Project Update : October 2019


    enrollment report

    Bethel’s “Housing Crisis”

    Bond projects underway as district growth continues

    The official October student count is in, and Bethel is now proudly home to nearly 21,000 students. That’s almost 500 more students than the same time last year.

    Superintendent Tom Seigel said Bethel is in a “housing crisis” due to the rapid growth in our district. He has already ordered five more double portables — one for Bethel Middle School and four for Liberty Middle School— to help make room for our booming student population.

    “When Pierce County initially proposed their ‘Centers and Corridors’ plan, the idea was to redirect the next 60,000 people to the Bethel, Franklin Pierce, and Puyallup school districts. We are already seeing incredible growth here in Bethel, with no end in sight,” Seigel said on Twitter.

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  • Bond Project Update: September 2019


    project calendar


    If you think traffic is worse than ever this school year, you might be onto something.

    Our unofficial September student count confirms what we’ve been expecting, more families are moving in to our district, and that means more cars are on the road.

    Schools like Nelson Elementary and Frontier Middle are already 100 students above their projections for this school year. That’s 100 extra kids for each already-crowded school.

    That means more parents are on the roads, giving our 226 buses a run for their money. During this growing time, the district is encouraging parents to have their students ride the bus, instead of driving them to school, hoping it will help alleviate some of the traffic issues we are seeing around our schools.

    If you are going to drive to school, be sure to use caution, and drop students off only in specified drop off locations. Dropping them off along the side of the road or elsewhere is not safe. Read more here

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  • Bond Project Update: AUGUST 2019


    A bird’s eye view of Elementary #18

    Planning for Elementary #18 is well underway and the site plan and floor plans for the school were approved at the August 13th School Board meeting.

    The school, which will be located on Waller road, north of 176th Street East, will house 700 students starting in the fall of 2021. The school will also have space for enough portables to house another 200 students in the future. When all is said and done, Elementary #18 will be the largest elementary school in the district.

    Knowing this, and knowing the current challenges our schools have with traffic congestion, the new plans include a huge area for parents to pick up and drop off their students before and after school. This will help minimize the impact on the surrounding roads. There is also a large parking area planned, and the documents show spaces to park 17 school buses, as the location of the campus and lack of sidewalks, means few, if any students will be able to walk to school. To read more click here

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  • Bond Project Update: JULY 2019


    In this month’s update, Bethel sells $150 million worth of bonds, Elementary #18 moves forward in planning, and Challenger High School Phase I kicks into high gear.

    Elementary #18 Educational Specifications

    This summer the School Board approved the Educational Specifications for Elementary #18. This 200-page document is available online and contains an incredible amount of details about the new building.

    One thing we learned is that each kindergarten and 1st grade classroom in the school will have its own bathroom.

    Elementary #18 will be larger than any of our other elementary schools, with room for 700 students in the building, and an additional 200 students in portables.

    To read more, click here

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  • Bond Project Update: JUNE 2019

    time line

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  • Bond Project Update: May 2019

    bethel high school

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