• Homebase/Homeschooling


    To access the 2023-2024 Declaration of Intent (DOI) to provide homebased instructions, often referred to as homeschool. Use the link or QR Code provided below.



    If you are enrolling your student(s) in the Running Start program, you must complete a Declaration of Intent (DOI) form.  Once the DOI has been completed, visit the Bethel School District website and complete the registration/enrollment for the resident school you are assigned to based on district boundaries.  For any questions regarding the enrollment status, contact the resident school in which you enrolled.  

    • Homebased students participating in sports through the Bethel School District must complete a DOI form prior to participating. 


    Questions regarding Homebased (homeschooling) should be directed to the contact listed below.


    Nelson I. Molina Medina 


    18117 A Street S.

    Spanaway, WA 98387

    253.800.6884 office

    253.800.6898 fax


    RCW 28A.200.010 states all DOIs must be turned in within districts’ specified timelines. Any DOI turned in outside of the timeline may be accidently used/filed for the incorrect year. This law also specifies that the DOI will be done in the districts’ format. The Bethel School District uses an electronic format, therefore, all request need to be completed online through the link or QR Code provided.