Student Assistance Program

  • The Student Assistance Program, or SAP, works collaboratively with students, families and district staff to reduce the impact of alcohol, tobacco and drug use on academic, social and emotional development.

    In cooperation with the Puget Sound Educational Services District, SAP counselors provide a wide range of services, including: individual student contacts and support groups, consultations with school staff, classroom lessons and school-wide prevention activities.

What is Chemical Dependency?

  • What Is Chemical Dependency?
    Chemical dependency is defined by the American Medical Association as a progressive, incurable and potentially fatal bio-chemical disease. It may be arrested and placed in remission but always returns if chemical use resumes. 

    The disease is characterized by the following:

    • Compulsion - Intense drug cravings; thoughts are focused on use; feelings of being ‘hooked’; fears that things will get worse without the drug
    • Loss of Control - Loss of predictability over when and how much is used; inability to not use over long periods of time
    • Continued Use Despite Bad Results - If you get in trouble as a result of using alcohol or drugs and you continue to use in the same way, you could be addicted

      What Chemical Dependency is NOT:

    • A weakness of willpower
    • A genetic defect
    • A mental illness
    • A result of childhood
    • A character defect


Program Goals

  • The goals of the Student Assistance Program are to: 

    • Reduce student risk for use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.
    • Strengthen healthy attitudes, positive decision making skills and provide clear standards for behavior.
    • Provide referral and support services for students and families.
    • Provide education for parents, schools and community.