• Meet the wonderful Rocky Ridge Teachers!


    KINDER Wendy Bartholomew wbartholom@bethelsd.org
    KINDER Carmen Davis cldavis@bethelsd.org
    KINDER Gabby Garcia ggarcia@bethelsd.org
    1ST Sabrina Bradshaw sbradshaw@bethelsd.org
    1ST Lorrie Downs ldowns@bethelsd.org
    1ST Justin Moore jmoore@bethelsd.org
    2ND Denise Hanson drhanson@bethelsd.org
    2ND Stacie Hase shase@bethelsd.org
    2ND Natasha Leamy nleamy@bethelsd.org
    2ND Jennifer Pearson jpearson@bethelsd.org
    3RD Brittney Lautenslager blautensla@bethelsd.org
    3RD Valerie Ogami vogami@bethelsd.org
    3RD Molly Schulze mschulze@bethelsd.org
    3RD Denise Zetterberg dzetterber@bethelsd.org
    4TH David Johnson daljohnson@bethelsd.org
    4TH Kendra Best KBEST@bethelsd.org
    4TH Natalie Wheelock nwheelock@bethelsd.org
    5TH Evan Combs ecombs@bthelsd.org
    5TH Ashley Ferguson aferguson@bethelsd.org
    5TH Tabatha Slatton TSLATTON@bethelsd.org
    5TH Nicole Vachlon nvachlon@bethelsd.org
  • KINDERGARTEN                                                                                  

  • Mrs. "Bart" (Bartholomew)
    My name is Wendy Bartholomew (or Mrs. Bart), and this is my seventeenth year teaching, and my second year at Rocky Ridge. I am looking forward to working with you and your child during their first year in school. You can email me at WBARTHOLOM@BETHELSD.ORG 

  • Mrs. Davis
    Hello! I am so excited to be working at Rocky Ridge. I believe that all students can achieve success through high expectations and celebrations of every day achievements in class. We will learn how to work together to learn how to be respectful, responsible, caring, and safe so that each student feels empowered and ready to learn. The first year of school can be a difficult one, but I know that when we work as a team, our students will thrive. I have an open door policy, which means that if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact me at CDAVIS@BETHELSD.ORG.  

  • Ms. Garcia                       

    Hello! My name is Gabriela Garcia and I am a kindergarten teacher here at Rocky Ridge. This year marks my 26th year of teaching at Rocky Ridge, and I love this place! I graduated from Central Washington University, class of '93, and have taught Kindergarten through 2nd grade. I look forward to working with your family this school year! GGARCIA@BETHELSD.ORG

  • FIRST GRADE                                                                                       

  • Ms. Bradshaw
    My name is Sabrina Bradshaw, and this is my second year as a teacher. I believe that students can succeed in school, as we work together to create a safe, trusting, respectful learning environment. Feel free to contact me at SBRADSHAW@BETHELSD.ORG

  • Ms. Downs                        


  • Mr. Moore

  • SECOND GRADE                                                                                   

  • Ms. Hanson

  • Ms. Hase


  • Ms. Leamy

  • Mrs. Pearson

  • THIRD GRADE                                                                                      

  • Mrs. Ogami

  • Ms. Schulze                       


  • Mrs. Zetterberg

  • FOURTH GRADE                                                                                   

  • Mr. Johnson

  • Ms. Trummert

  • Ms. Wheelock

  • FIFTH GRADE                                                                                       

  • Mrs. Ferguson                       

    Hello! My name is Ashley Ferguson and I am excited to be teaching fifth grade. This year will be filled with lots of learning, great adventures, and experiences! I attended Central Washington University and Colorado Christian University. I've taught kindergarten for one year, 3rd grade for four years, and this will be my very first year teaching 5th grade. This is my third year at Rocky Ridge, and I absolutely love it here! Before Rocky Ridge I taught in Georgia and Colorado. I welcome and value parent involvement throughout the year. I would love to hear from you if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. AFERGUSON@BETHELSD.ORG

  • Mrs. Slatton (Bradley)

  • Mrs. Vachlon

  • Mr. Combs
    My name is Evan Combs and I am excited to be teaching 5th Grade at Rocky Ridge this year. This is my fourth year teaching, and my first year at Rocky Ridge. I have only lived in Washington for one year, and before moving here, I taught in New Orleans, Louisiana. I am excited to be working with a new group of students this year! Please reach out to me if you have any questions. ECOMBS@BETHELSD.ORG 

  • STRUCTURED LEARNING                                                                    

  • Mrs. Wedum

  • SPECIALISTS                                                                                       

  • Mrs. Chambers - P.E.

  • Mr. Hardesty - Technology

  • Mrs. Molinek - Music

  • Mr. Syverson - Library

  • Mrs. Taini - Art

  • 5th Grade Band

  • Ms. Hamilton - 5th Grade Orchestra