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    Morning Hallway Rules and Assignments


    The official end of the school day is 3:00.  5th Grade and Kindergarten will leave at 2:55 so that they can get into position at the buses and parent pickup.  There was a request for some staggered leaving so that eveyrone is not in the hallway at the same time.  At this time we will not be doing a staggered schedule as the entire process literally takes 10 minutes.  There really is no need for us to stagger the times because the process is working even though there is congestion in the hallways.

    Remember to be in your assigned spot at the time that any students are outside and moving towards their assigned bus or the cafeteria.  Please do not wait until more kids are out before getting into position.  We have to have eyes on all lines of students whether there are two students or fifty.  Safety first.

    Remember to check out with the clipboard person.  That means eye to eye contact before walking away.  This is essential for smooth operation and avoiding mistakes like letting buses leave without kids or unnecessarily holding up the buses when everyone is actually already out.

    Dropping kids off at the daycare is also a time to have eye to eye contact when passing off a student.