Friday October 5, 2018

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    Mrs. Peck in for Ms. Larsen

    Mr. Monfort in for Mrs. Harker

    Mr. Snyder in for Mr. Clark (PM Only)

    Ms. Barr in for Mrs. Wellman

    Mrs. Link in for Mrs. Christianson



    All MS students: please remember to vote during Advisory for the Student Council President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Grade Lave Senators.



    ABC day Countdown!!!! Show this Saturday 9am at BHS> Today's practice at 10am Friday all performers on stage in Dance Studio.




    Kinder: Arya g., Wyatt A., Kasch G., John W., Titus S., Benjamin W., Katie C., Tucker H., Austin D., Hannah F., Zoey J.

    1st Grade: Preston , Sierra S., Titan, Jax, Sophia M., Kyra N., Olivia C., Brianna L., Delaney B., Travis B.

    2nd Grade: Kinsley G., Caris S., Allison C., Braelynn S., Lydia P., Karsen W., Maddox M., Keeley R., Rylan B., Noah K.

    3rd Grade: Calah A., Elizabeth, Alanis T., Claire M., Hannah M., Mariah P., Liam T., Payton B., Paige A., Gabriel G., Zoey R., Matthew Z., Max A., Mackenzie W.



    Lunch Menu: Pancakes w/ maple syrup, sausage patty, fresh fruit & veggie bar



    Pledge of Allegiance